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Whether in the Euro final at Wembley, with friends on Sunday morning on a lawn that has only the name, on the beach, at the bottom of the building, in a park or on the office terrace: football is serious, even for fun. If you just need a ball to get started, you don’t improvise a game like that, on the fly, without following some basic rules. A small collection of tips for playing outdoors.

Choose a suitable location

We don’t have the opportunity to quote Fabien Onteniente’s works often enough in life, so let’s go: in Camping 1, Jacky Pic (played by the immense Claude Brasseur) is scandalized at not having inherited his 17 place which he has occupied for years with his wife every August. The average viewer may think this is a comedic bias magnified for the sake of the script, but the Jacky in question is right. The location is the keystone of a good vacation, just like a good game of football. So how do you choose among the plethora of offers? Obviously, a good stadium is a must, as long as it is open to the public and available, which is not so often the case.

For the rest, let’s leave the five aside, including the outdoor ones. Because football is already free, and especially because for a good round ball session, we do not want to have an oppressive countdown that puts an end to the game and our free will. For the competitors, the best location is obviously the neighborhood city-stadium, and its “ two-goal winning matches»In front of others crews. But for a real game of football fun, the best option is the expanse of virgin grass to tame, whether it’s wild or in a park. As long as you choose the right places (flat ground, no water nearby, a mown lawn …), and avoid RFQDBC (frustrated loafers who hate balloons and conviviality). Last option, less accessible, the beach to show off its best play beautiful . As long as you don’t live in Nice or Dieppe, of course.

Have suitable equipment

The central element is the ball. Out of the question to take an uncontrollable beach model, that goes without saying. But no need to equip yourself with the latest novelty either: a good ball, apart from the qualities of rebound and comfort for the foot, it is one in which we will not hesitate to put big shots under penalty to damage it. In short, a replica will be more than enough, no need to knock out an authentic leather. The more experienced groups of friends will also have the vista to have one back up, just in case.

For the rest, white sneakers, as elegant as they are, are to be avoided. Nobody wants to clean up the green traces of grass when they come home, moreover nobody knows how. Like the ball, choose a comfortable, light pair that you won’t be afraid of damaging. The crampons are to be avoided if they are not worn unanimously, because they are a source of tension if you are the only one to have them. It will also avoid having to wear shin guards, which is convenient for everyone. Do not hesitate to equip yourself with a bulky bag, which will constitute a convincing post. Finally, a detail that requires a little organization: agree on a color code beforehand. This will save you two abominations: the stinky bibs (even when they’re clean), and the shirtless team. Nobody wants to see Gégé’s belly, okay?

Monitor your diet

It is well known: eating well is the beginning of happiness. And this is also the case for any footballer. It all depends on the time of day you plan to put on the crampons, but avoid sauerkraut and cassoulet beforehand. And during. A pasta salad, a small barbecue will do the trick, we are not going to draw you a picture. You just have to look at the Bleus buffets at Clairefontaine to understand. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. Like Jean-Claude Vandamme, a good footballer loves water, even if“In 20 or 30 years there will be more”. Purist detail: the use of a gourd. Already, it’s green, but above all it allows you to send yourself a fresh swig at the bottom of your throat. Said like that, it’s biased, but it’s tested and approved.

The most organized will have thought of the cooler, without going so far as to afford the Powerade Marcelo Bielsa edition (anyway, no Sunday footballer has the canes to apply the precepts of Crazy ). Why carry around a cooler? Not for cold water, but for beers. What question. Otherwise, how to properly debrief the past match, come back to the humiliating dribbles, the murderous tackles and the missiles in full lulu? For recovery, choose a white or a light blonde. On the other hand, avoid the rosé. That, for once, is tested and disapproved.

Make a thoughtful recruitment

No need to have the dark circles of Pablo Longoria or the network of Leonardo, but the selection for a game between friends is anticipated, all the same. Like group work in high school, the best friend doesn’t always make the best partner. It is not so easy to set up a mixed team, which mixes generations and sexes while maintaining a certain balance. Because we agree: when one side humiliates the other, it’s not funny to anyone, and no one, really no one, wants to hear the phrase: “Shall we mix the teams?To avoid this, a few typical profiles to avoid. Already, the friend who always arrives late should be counted as a bonus, we do not expect him for the match, and even less the one who always makes false plans because this, because that. No thank you, it gives off.

The goal is to bring together a group of motivated players, more or less confirmed, but who find a happy medium between the relaxation of the Sunday morning match and the seriousness of competitiveness. Nobody wants to be yelled at at the first failed control by Dylan, who came with his Boca Juniors outfit, his tip-top on the shin guards and his crampons amounting to € 300. Conversely, we must avoid the player who thought“That your football story was just a pretext to meet up and drink shots”. He’s going to ruin your game, and putting him to the goal won’t change anything since he won’t make any effort. By the way: anticipate this goalkeeper problem, unless you start on small goals. As for the number, a 5 vs 5 (or 7 vs 7 if you are on half court) is the best equation. And above all: do not forget to take a look at the edge of the field: there is always a stranger who does not dare ask to join the game. The very one that ignites the game five minutes later.

By Adrien Hémard

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