A lagoon was "dyed" pink in Chubut and generated concern

The neighbors of Trelew they are worried about change in color of at least two gaps on the territory of the city. The rosa intense raises doubts and arouses concern about the impact it could have on the surrounding nature. The situation occurs in a context of controversies and discussions between Chubut and Trelew officials regarding industrial pollution.

In the images that began to be shared on social networks, you can see the intense pink color of the lagoon located within the property of the Chubut Development Corporation (CORFO) in Trelew, on Route 8 and a few kilometers from the Industrial Park. In addition to the color, the pollution brought foul odors, a proliferation of insects and other vectors.

As it turned out, the dumping of liquids is carried out by the company Rawson Ambiental Sociedad Anónima (RASA), formed a couple of years ago by a group of fishing companies, among which are Iberpesca, Cabo Vírgenes, Fyrsa, Veraz, La Rib and Food Partner. But the spill is allowed by an agreement that the company signed with the government of Chubut and the municipality of Rawson –Trelew is not part of-.

In this regard, the Undersecretary of Environmental Control of Chubut, Juan Michelou said what “the reddish color is not to worry”, since this color change is common and “It occurs in the treatment lagoons where this type of effluent is treated and corresponds to a color of bacteria”.

The official clarified that “the dumping of these wastes had been authorized. “ “An agreement was made to dump liquids in the Corfo lagoons. And we have also seen significant progress in the works stipulated by said agreement and we will continue from the Ministry of Environment with permanent supervision,” he explained.

Previous complaints

The official’s words provoked a strong response from the Trelew municipality. The Secretary of Planning, Works and Public Services, Sebastián de la Vallina, pointed against Michelau and said that “Minimizing this is ridiculous and more like it comes naturally. This is concerning and is not telling the truth. They are shedding fluids without prior treatment and without our knowledge (for Trelew). We were very clear when the agreement was signed and we expressed our disagreement ”.

On Thursday, July 15, by means of a note signed by the secretary Sebastian de la Vallina, the municipal authorities of Trelew denounced a “Serious lack of government institutions”. In the letter they claim that it is intended to make Trelew the “Backyard”For the final disposal of waste from industries not located in the city’s Industrial Park. In this sense, They demanded the cessation of the dumping of industrial effluents within the city’s ejido.

The Municipal Executive of Trelew highlighted the negative impact of the dumps on the ecosystem “Altering the soil, flora and fauna”, due to the high values ​​of “sulfur, nitrogen, ammonia, phosphates and bacteria”, which contribute to the generation of “strong odors that affect the neighbors”.

An effluent dump not allowed

On Friday, July 16, Guardia Urbana personnel, dependent on the Government Secretariat of the Municipality of Trelew, detected a truck dumping effluents into the bowls belonging to CORFO, on the side of Provincial Route No. 8, in the area. north of the municipal ejido, as reported by the municipality.

The head of the Citizen Safety and Prevention Agency, Cristian Peña, explained that the vehicle was found in full discharge, within the framework of the usual tours carried out by the Urban Guard personnel through the area of ​​the Ornithologist’s Lagoon and Route No. 8.

“The infraction records were made, the Municipal Court of Misdemeanors intervened and the vehicle that did not have any documentation or permission to overturn was retained, despite the fact that the express person in charge who did it for the company FYRSA SA”said the municipal official.


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