A 17-year-old Indian teenager had to undergo a delicate jaw operation to remove a pocket in which more or less 82 teeth had formed.

Sensitive souls refrain ! This is a particularly delicate operation but also very rare suffered by a 17-year-old teenager in India at the beginning of July. As reported by our colleagues from West France, the young man had to undergo 82 teeth removal which had more or less formed in two pockets, located on either side of his jaw. A benign tumor that, however, could have become infected and more severe if not operated on over time. If the number of “dents” to extract seems impressive, it is not for all that the record in the matter. As recalled West France, 526 pieces of teeth “for a weight of 220 grams of dental tissue” have already been withdrawn in India, in 2019 on a child aged only 7 years.

How does this jaw tumor form?

But how is this possible? According to the Toulouse dentist, Patrick Solera questioned by the daily newspaper, this cellular swelling is formed from “a mass of debris from teeth which are not well formed or which are broken, in a small pocket of skin, called a follicular sac”. The specialist insists well on the fact that it is impossible for a human adult to have more than 32 teeth. In the case of these very rare malformations, it is therefore only “embryos of teeth, not or badly formed”.

While he praises the work of the dentist who managed to cure the injury of the Indian teenager, he is astonished that the young man came out unscathed when his lumps had been developing in his jaw for some time. “This bag could have become seriously infected and cause irreversible damage”, he says. Especially since these lesions are generally noticeable by a deformation of the face. “It is not painful and does not bleed during its formation. If you reach the stage of pain and bleeding, then the tumor is malignant and the removal can be much more difficult.” add Patrick Solera who assures “that no known patient has ever presented this type of lesion in France” to his knowledge.

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