The Valencian president, Ximo Puig, raises his federalist demands a little more each time he goes to the capital of Spain. And this Wednesday he did not disappoint in the informative breakfast of Europa Press. He proposed to take advantage of the tax reform proposed by the Government to introduce a compensation mechanism with which Madrid share “with everyone” your “wealth bonus”. And not only that. He asked that each year the National Holiday be celebrated in a different city in the country and the decentralization of various state institutions.

With regard to the proposal for the redistribution of wealth, it was sent to the Committee of Experts for tax reform “for it to be studied rigorously.” “I find the thesis of the prestigious Oxford professor suggestive Paul Collier. He has spent years analyzing the dynamics generated in capitals due to ‘economies of agglomeration’. And to correct the productivity gaps in their countries, he is proposing an initiative, “he said.

It would consist of “a contribution from the most benefited in the metropolises to share with everyone that greater productivity generated by public support”. “A plus of wealth that is generated not by chance, but thanks to state public support and agglomeration economies,” he said, and asserted that “the philosophy is simple: If there is privilege, there must be consideration.”

Asked by EL ESPAÑOL about whether it would try to increase the current compensation mechanism or implement a new system, he stated that he proposes “a new tool”, and specified that it would be “a specific tax so that those incomes provide a space of solidarity”.

A new tax for high incomes based in Madrid? He asked Javier Garcia, director of Europa Press, who served as moderator. “It could be,” he said, but urged experts to analyze it. “I am not going to improvise a tax now”added.

October 12

Another striking proposal by the Valencian president was to make the October 12th festival an itinerant one. “Why is the National Holiday of Spain always celebrated in the same place? Why?”, he asked himself. “The law that regulates this festival speaks of the symbol of ‘our cultural and political plurality’. Therefore, I propose that the National Holiday be celebrated each year in a different city,” he said.

Have you discussed this with the Royal Household? Garcia asked him. “I have not discussed it with anyone. It is a proposal that I launch and that can be discussed,” he explained, joking with the impact that his proposals can have. “I don’t know if they will let me into the Bernabéu afterwards!”He exclaimed, although he added later that “the president – of Real Madrid – is a good friend and will let me in.” It goes without saying that Puig is openly a Madridista.

Throughout his speech, Ximo Puig broke down the advantages that, in his opinion, benefit Madrid due to its “capital effect” to the detriment of the rest of Spain. “Madrid welcomes 150,574 employees of the state public sector, almost a third of the total. There are more state officials than there are affiliated to Social Security in 22 provinces: There are more state officials than self-employed workers in 47 provinces, “he said.

“Madrid has 44,315 public employees in institutions that could be located anywhere else in Spain, and that would have an important driving effect there. And it has a plus of 95,000 public employees with respect to what corresponds to it by population,” he added, and stressed what “they and their families number 250,000 people”. “Is this reasonable?”, He asked himself about it, and he estimated that “this human contingent would be the fifteenth Spanish capital, ahead of A Coruña and Granada, or twice that of Lleida or Cádiz.”

For this reason, Puig advocated decentralize Spain. And he proposed several specific transfers in favor of other cities in the nation. “Why can’t Turespaña be in Palma? Why can’t the headquarters of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography be next to the beach in Vigo? Why can’t the National Dance Center be in Seville? Why Ports of the State cannot be in Valencia ?, he raised.


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