A Adult cougar was photographed and filmed on an iceberg in Los Glaciares National Park, in Santa Cruz. The impressive fact, unknown to most, but not strange to these cats, was captured by visitors who were sailing aboard the ship María Turquesa on Lake Argentino.

While they appreciated the imposing glaciers of the protected area, the tourists saw that on an iceberg that floated in the water mirror there was an animal. As the boat approached the ice floe, the visitors discovered that it was an adult cougar.

Surprised by the scene, since the iceberg was in the middle of Lake Argentino, the travelers did not take long to record the event with their cameras and cell phones and thus captured the images that quickly spread.


How the puma got to the top of the iceberg

Park rangers explained how the big cat got to the ice floe that floated on the water mirror: “The animal went up on its own, probably to rest when it crossed the water mirror. There is a record of pumas swimming across stretches of Lake Argentino, which has depths that can exceed 80 meters. “

“From Parks the animal will be monitored from a prudent distance so as not to stress it and in case it is thrown into the water it will be followed. It must be remembered that it is a wild adult puma so it is very dangerous to try to climb it on top of a boat “, They indicated from the account of “Rangers in fight”.

In that sense, they added that “the icebergs move mainly by the wind, so as long as the puma stays on top of the iceberg, it will be safe and the wind will help it get closer to the coast.”

Pumas in Argentina

The puma (Puma concolor) is one of the largest felines in the country and has a wide geographical distribution, since it can be registered throughout the entire mountain range, but also in the mountainous area of ​​central Argentina and the Coast.

Los Glaciares National Park, which protects 731,932 hectares of steppe and Patagonian forests, is the protected area with the highest sightings of pumas, according to data from the Biodiversity Information System of the National Parks Administration (SIB): last year they were registered 333 sightings of this feline in the Santa Cruz area.


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