The idea came up in a conversation between Maria Pia Lopez Y Liliana Herrero, thinking about what is “unbearable”: that Milagro Sala has already served 2000 days in prison, and that she is still in prison, like the rest of the the 11 political prisoners currently in the province of Jujuy, most of them women. Along with the encampment in Plaza de Mayo and actions such as Jallalla Mujeres, which brought together officials, legislators, artists, political, social and union representatives, in the demand for the liberation of the leader of the Tupac, emerged then Letters to Miracle. A way to convey, and to make public, the admiration, gratitude, recognition that many and many feel for Milagro Sala and the work of Tupac, through letters and also plastic works that are compiled as “postcards”. The idea of ​​the organizers is to transform this material into a book, which they hope to hand-deliver to Milagro.

The direct inspiration for the idea was the campaign Letters to Lula, in which thousands of Brazilians wrote to the former president during his arrest, in an action that became, in itself, a testimony of the work of the government of Lula Da Silva, reflected in everything that his compatriots valued and they thanked him, from little anecdotes to radical changes in each one’s life. A little that happens when reviewing the Letters to Miracle, which are starting to be compiled on the campaign website.

“You were encouraged to ignore the supposed destiny that awaited you and your colleagues, who were born to be poor, serve and not raise their voices,” they thank him, for example. They talk about houses, swimming pools, dreams come true, childhood cared for, lives transformed. “Nor do we forget your strength, your stubbornness, your courage, your collective work, that is what they do not forgive you,” they tell him.

“You have been confined for five years for no reason and you are still sane, whole and immense,” they are surprised.

They speak to the “dear companion”, to the “Miracle of ours”, they write to her in handwriting from all over the country and also from the world.

The support of the idea is also, above all, affective: “The invitation is to send Milagro all that she represents for a lot of people, all the affection and recognition that we feel”, synthesizes the social communicator and photographer Ximena Talent, who set up the website and was one of those who went to visit the Tupac leader in prison.

The prison of Milagro and her companions is surrounded by a lot of silence. That is why we continue to generate actions that make visible the level of cruelty and injustice that Milagro, his colleagues from Tupac, and with them all of society is suffering, “he explains.

Maria Pia Lopez He also makes an observation about that silence, that this action, like others, has been trying to break. “The entire campaign for the liberation of Milagro and the companions from Tupaqueres is deeply affected by the effectiveness of the lawfare operation, as the construction of the idea that the issue is the complaint of corruption, when In reality, none of the causes for which Milagro is falsely accused has to do with any inappropriate use of the funds.“, warns the sociologist.

“In this way they watch over the type of real persecution that there is to a social organization, they divert their gaze from what is being played there, the construction of an alternative of power of a popular organization. And I also think that other issues are being judged: their condition of woman, racialized as indigenous, the plebeian condition, certain styles of power construction “, he reflects.

It also focuses on “an idea of ​​building happiness that put Tupac into play, which was unacceptable to the powers that be. ”

And in a matter no less important: “the link that within Jujuy had the defense of human rights by the Tupac, in that street fight that resulted from the trials against State terrorism. There was an affectation of a bloc of power that includes the Blaquier, the UCR and part of the PJ. When we think about what happens with Milagro and Tupac, all this is hidden with the operation of the ‘money bags’ and the construction of an imaginary around that ” , the researcher analyzes.

Visual artists Ivana Vollaro Y Fabiana Di Luca added the call that became the “Postcards” section, with works by Juan Lima, María Alcobre, Hilda Paz, Silvia Lucero, among many other artists. “We seek to expand the campaign to other audiences, to get out of the idea that we are a small group who ask for Milagro. There are many and many artists who are very moved by the cause, and this was a way to include them,” they say.

They continue to receive works and letters to the mail [email protected], and while they are uploading them to the page they think about how to transform them into a book “that Milagro can receive in hand, like a gift, because everything is also designed so that she feels how we continue to accompany her, in the way we can, “they say.

In the plot of these letters and of those images an idea appears that is beginning to be outlined, and that María Pía López puts into words: “With this we are also trying to think about what kind of country, justice and society a person could inhabit like Miracle in freedom. Because the demand for their freedom is tied to others that make the construction of a less unjust and unequal society “.


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