The adventures of Loki traveling through time and space they have reached the end of their first season on the Sacred Timeline. The series of Disney+ has said goodbye to its first stage and SERIES & MÁS has had the opportunity to speak with Kate Herron, the director of all episodes, who has told us what makes Loki Loki or what is his favorite variant.

The young British director, who had previously directed episodes of series such as Sex Education, has announced that he will not return for the second season of Loki, because he wants to develop some personal projects. “I am also a screenwriter and I want to write the script for the next thing I direct, but I am very happy that the series continues and I will follow it as a fan, “she explains, adding that she is happy to be part of the Marvel family and will be delighted to come back later with this or any other project. This is what He told us.

After these six episodes of the series, how would you answer the question what makes Loki be Loki?

In its essence there is always something of innate mischief, but combined with the idea that there is pain in all Lokis and a general feeling of not belonging. But I think the key for me is that they are survivors, that’s what we wanted to show in episode 6, when Loki is back on AVT at the Theater of Time with a broken heart. We wanted you to be able to feel his pain when you see him, but also see how he recovers and decides that he has to continue fighting.

Sylvie and Loki about to enter the End of Times.

Which scene from this season are you proudest of?

I’m very fond of tiny scenes with two characters and, honestly, I’m proud of the entire season, but if I have to choose just one, for all the work it involved and the result we had, it’s the big showdown at the end of the season. episode 5. It is because it was a very complicated sequence to put together. The delivery of Tom (Hiddleston) and Sophie (Di Martino) was spectacular, they transmitted everything and more with their interpretation, but it had to be shaped in the editing room. I spent every Christmas with Calum Ross, my editor; Dan DeLeeuw, from the visual effects team; and Jesse Lewis-Evans from The Third Floor trying to make it look perfect. So I guess that’s the scene I’m most proud of, because it was so difficult to finish. You know, there was an enchantment against a monster that is a living storm, how do you capture that so that it makes sense to the audience and is also exciting? It was a challenge. And I think we got it.

In the promotional material of the series there were some images that we did not see in the final cut of the first season, were they removed for some reason?

Yes, these things are more common than we think, because trailers, posters and others are often prepared before all the episodes have the final cut and the marketing teams find some images more impressive than others and they keep them. . For example, there is a flashback in Asgard that we shot for the first episode, but in the final cut we discarded it because it did not fit us. It had a very comedic edge to it and we didn’t feel like it was appropriate with the tone we finally found for that story.

Loki and Sylvie with the villain of the season.

Loki and Sylvie with the villain of the season.

Was it always your initial intention that the season finale was a long conversation between those three characters?

Yes. We always thought that episode 5 would be the one of the show, the one of the great confrontation with the great monster. For episode 6 at some point we thought that at the beginning we could include an action scene in which Loki and Sylvie had to fight to get to The One Who Remains, but we had doubts. So we had to stop production due to the pandemic. I was trying to make the best use of the time as possible and when I was editing the first episode, seeing the scenes between Loki and Mobius come to life in front of me in the editing room, it was so fascinating, that I realized that it was not really necessary. a great show in the last episode. I think that gave us the confidence we needed in what we were doing. That and the great talent of our actors. Jonathan Majors is so charismatic that I think as viewers we want to sit down and listen to him. That was key for us. In addition, I like the idea that during the series we have several intimate moments like this and starting with a long conversation and ending another seems to me to close the circle.

Four variants of 'Loki'.

Four variants of ‘Loki’.

Now that we’ve seen all of the Lokis, which one is your favorite?

Oh, that question is very difficult, they are like my children. More than just one, I think my favorite variants are the strange family that makes up Loki boy, Loki alligator. Braggart Loki and Classic Loki. I would love to see a spin-off with the four of them, because the chemistry they have and all their stories from before they got there, and the ones they have survived together, must be very exciting and fun.

Loki ‘is available on Disney +.

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