Michael Wendler gets entangled more and more in anger. The arrest warrant that the Dinslaken District Court issued against him could also affect his wife Laura Müller’s career opportunities. And it seems to be reorienting itself.

If there is new news from pop singer Michael Wendler, it has not been good for months. After the 49-year-old maneuvered himself into the media offside with unbearable statements about the German corona policy, there is now massive trouble with the court. The district court of Dinslaken in North Rhine-Westphalia has issued an arrest warrant against Michael Wendler, who has been living in the USA with his wife Laura Müller for a long time.

The reason: Wendler did not appear in court despite a personal summons in the process for the aid to thwart a foreclosure. Even the authorization of a lawyer was of no use to him. The consequences of this decision could be serious for the singer – and indirectly affect Laura as well.

Michael Wendler threatens after the arrest warrant

As the “Bild” reports, Wendler would face arrest if he entered Germany. He could then be forcibly brought before the court. But even if the American by choice stays in Florida, he is not safe in the long run. The US authorities could agree to a deportation to Germany, even if this process might take some time.

Probably the most momentous impact for Michael Wendler would be another one: His application for US citizenship, which could be granted in spring 2022, is currently underway in the USA. However, if the singer has a criminal record, the chances of it drop rapidly.

Is Laura Müller examining new job options?

While Michael Wendler is actively involved in his diverse problems, his wife Laura – who has so far supported him unconditionally – seems to be drawn into the maelstrom of events through no fault of her own. She too has lost a lot of orders in the past few months. TV projects have been canceled and, according to the newspaper, there are fewer and fewer advertising contracts for the former “Let’s Dance” participant on social media.

For Laura and the already heavily burdened family budget, this is, to put it mildly, a problem. After a long Instagram break, the 20-year-old influencer has now started to write the first posts in her Instagram story in English. Many suspect that Laura could use this switch to try to establish new business relationships with advertising companies in the USA after breaking with many German partners.

An alternative for Laura, who is now media-savvy, would certainly be to try her luck alone in Germany. Even Wendler’s ex-manager Markus Krampe believes that she could get lucrative jobs, for example on TV. On the side of her husband, however, that should also be difficult.

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