"This time you are staying at home, not us": Macron's message to those who do not want to be vaccinated in France

French President Emmanuel Macron announced strong measures to combat a new wave of COVID-19 infections and allow a safe reopening. Those who refuse to be vaccinated will not be able to go to public places. “This time you are staying at home, not us”, the president said during a message.

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Among other measures, the French government will force health workers to get vaccinated. This is due to the fact that vaccination levels among this sector are worryingly low: only 45% of the personnel who work in nursing homes for the elderly were fully vaccinated.

That figure rises to 64% among staff working in hospitals. The most participatory sector in vaccination is the one made up of independent health workers; of these, 81% have already been inoculated.

Health workers will have until September 15 to be fully vaccinated. Otherwise, they may face job consequences by putting the patients they work with at risk.

Macron sends message in favor of the vaccine in France

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A call for community responsibility

During the message that Macron addressed to the French he announced that the health passport will become essential for various public activities. The document, which is currently required in large crowds, such as stadiums, will gain prominence.

By August this health passport will be required in cafes, restaurants, trains, bars, buses and airplanes.

“Depending on the evolution of the situation, we will undoubtedly have to raise the question of compulsory vaccination for all, but I bet on trust and solemnly call on all citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible,” he declared.

As for the French who oppose being vaccinated, the message has been strong. The government’s position is that They have the right not to inoculate themselves, but not to put others at risk:

“I am in favor of the French line right now. I no longer have any intention of sacrificing my life, my time, my freedom and the adolescence of my daughters, as well as their right to study properly for those who refuse to be vaccinated. This time you are staying at home, not us ”.

Emmanuel Macron: The medical staff

New measures are coming in, but infections are also on the rise

These announcements, which occurred on July 12, had immediate repercussions. On the one hand Vaccination requests multiplied among the French. On the other hand, in some cities there were protests and vandalism by groups that reject vaccination.

Many protesters wore yellow stars like those worn by Jews under the Nazi regime. In this regard, Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the French government, he called the protesters’ comparisons “abject” equating the Holocaust with vaccination.

Macron sends message in favor of the vaccine in France

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Unfortunately, the rebound in COVID-19 cases has proved the French government right about the urgency of vaccinating as many people as possible. If it fails, the reopening, the economic recovery and the health of thousands of French people would be at risk.

According to the government, the incidence of the virus in France increased by 125% in the last week. Only on Sunday, July 18, more than 12 thousand new infections were registered. These are mainly due to the presence of the delta variant in the European country.

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