Green clay

Abroad. In the event of a turista epidemic, it can save your vacation. As a prevention, every night stir a half-liter bottle of water containing one centimeter of ultra-ventilated green clay (in powder, very rich in minerals), then let stand overnight. Every morning, drink a glass of “supernatant” (water without clay), but at the first sign of discomfort immediately take a glass of the water-clay mixture, stirring well. Three glasses a day is usually sufficient.

At the mountain. Don’t ruin your vacation with damn light bulbs! Apply a clay paste in a thick layer covered with a compress and a strip, then renew every two to four hours. In the event of a slight sprain or sore, the same poultices can be used.

At the sea. Organize an “anti-cellulite” thalassotherapy session at home. Collect some seaweed, prepare as an infusion, filter, mix with clay (ultra-ventilated or in granules), spread as a poultice along the legs, wrap in Cellophane, then let stand for twenty to forty-five minutes before rinsing. Once a week, the toning, infiltrating and soft skin effect is guaranteed!

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Lavender essential oil

Travel sickness. Massage the bone behind the ear with a drop of lavender.

Travel stress and sleep. A few drops on the back of the neck or the temples will bring both comfort and appeasement.

Heavy legs. After a shower, lie down with your feet on the wall for five minutes, then apply a little oil (arnica, calendula) to your legs combined with a few drops of lavender.

Burns, sunburns. Diluted in St. John’s Wort oil or aloe vera gel, it calms pain and helps to heal.

Mosquito bites. Excellent antibacterial and analgesic, it is just as effective on insect bites as on small wounds. In the event of a snake bite, it will soothe while waiting for help to arrive.

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The right gesture

Apple cider vinegar for jellyfish stings. Some beaches in Australia have vinegar dispensers. If a bite occurs, apply wet sand immediately, followed by large amounts of vinegar. The relief is immediate and this treatment leaves zero scars.

Aloe vera gel

Sunburns, burns and crevices. Aloe vera gel heals, regenerates and relieves. On moderately deep wounds, apply the gel, change the dressing every day, then allow to air dry.

Temporary constipation. One tablespoon per day.

Thanks to Jean-Christophe Charrié, doctor and author, with Marie-Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, from Treat yourself naturally all year round (Prat, 2012).


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