Blaya he welcomed his second son on the 18th of July. The artist revealed, on social networks, that she opted for a home birth, considering it “one of the hardest things” that you ever had to do. Now, he came to report, in an emotional text, how the process was until the baby was born, According to the, adding a video of the moment she held him in her arms.

They will ask: what is the need to put a video of this type on social media? And I answer: this video is pure love… and it feels so good to share love! A lot of people asked to tell you how it went, so I’ll tell you. When we decide that we want to have a home birth, we have to be aware that we really do! That’s not a superficial thing…It’s not cheap! And we have to inform ourselves of everything very well. It is advisable to look for a doula and a midwife/nurse. People that you will create a connection, and during pregnancy they will accompany you. Now let’s talk about childbirth!“, began by writing.

Then he added: “Remember you have to be open to the improbable! I endured the contractions until 10 am which is when the doula arrived. I was in the shower and when she puts her hands on my shoulders, I start to cry right away. She started to support me with words, breathing, massages… and the pain of the contractions was more and more intense! I no longer knew what position to get myself into. Standing! Sitting ! Out of 4! Out of the shower! In the shower… and the contractions to be stronger!“.

Blaya also said he considered all the support he had essential: “The doula’s work is extremely important… incredible patience and security! I clung to her with all my might! There came a time when I looked at her and said: I CANNOT ANY MORE!!! I cried, I threw up! I screamed! She and my boyfriend always supporting me. When I found myself I just said: I want to go to the hospital! I can not anymore!! Meanwhile the midwife arrived, examined me, screaming with me! And she’s always very calm! The midwife said ‘she just needs to walk a little further!’“.

Finally, he concluded with the moment his son was born: “I just thought in my head…I can’t take it anymore! Until a contraction came! I grabbed the doula, I was trying so hard that she had to switch with my boyfriend! I STRENGTHENED! I YELLED!! I felt Theo coming down! I felt my head leave and then my body! And suddenly… all the pain was gone! Theo came into my arms, and I cried!!! I cried a lot! With the birth of lau I also wanted to cry…But as it was a very impersonal thing, I didn’t cry! But this time it was really a release of THINGS !!!!.as I said, be open to unexpected things! Both the doula and the midwife were different people, but thank you from the heart. It was perfect.”

See the video:

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