Pedro J. Ramirez has given a conference entitled “The necessary center: the value of being liberal” at the Citizens’ convention. Those of Ines Arrimadas they have gathered in Madrid their senior positions and part of their militancy to make a political reflection that will give rise to a new course. The director and president of EL ESPAÑOL has been one of the thirteen experts who have contributed ideas to this budding roadmap.

“I know that you are not having the best of times, that you have suffered setbacks in the elections and personal disappointments; But you were not Jason and the Argonauts before, nor are you now an endangered species. The political nation needs you more than ever ”, Ramírez began.

The founder of this newspaper “accepted” Arrimadas’s invitation because he thinks that Ciudadanos “is still important for millions of Spaniards”: “I am not referring only to your voters and ex-voters, but also to many who have not yet realized it”.

In Ramírez’s opinion, “the vast majority benefit, sometimes without noticing it, from the existence of a liberal party that occupies the political center.” Hence, it has celebrated the moments in which, over the last decade, Ciudadanos has had “influence”.

To explain this “influence”, he has excitedly resorted to the example of his friend Adolfo Suarez: “He ruled for less than five years. Much less than Felipe Gonzalez, Aznar, Zapatero, Rajoy… and probably Sánchez”.

“But despite that, nobody doubts that Suárez has been the most influential politician of the last half century. Sometimes, when I’m at home, lost in thought, and I go to open the door, I see him still there, on the threshold, with his mustard-colored jacket (…) He opened a vital home for Spanish society. He built the center! ”, He celebrated.

However, the center, except at the beginning of the Transition, has not enjoyed good health in Spain. Suárez – the director of EL ESPAÑOL recalled -, when he lost the elections, he took between two and nineteen seats: “And the Reform Party obtained 190,000 votes and no parliamentarians.”

Then the “miracle” happened: the 57 deputies of Citizens. And what is more: the sum of an absolute majority with the PSOE that could “leave out populism and nationalism”: “It was the ecstasy of liberal experiences. They add up! They add up! They add up! I repeated those days ”.

But Ramírez has not entered today in those days that ended up being the end of Albert Rivera: “I have not come to talk about the past, but to help you to look forward.”

In an optimistic and forward-looking key, he harangued: “Do not resist giving testimony as people of your liberal conduct. As politicians, do not lose heart in your efforts to apply liberal proposals ”.

Then he has propped up the triangle of the liberal resurrection: “Conduct, strategy and ideology”. Or put another way: “Mood, action and thought.” Freedom defined, worth the redundancy, by liberals “should only know two limits”: “The freedom of others and respect for legality.”

The ‘construction’

Next, Ramírez touched on one of the most sensitive points in the Ciudadanos crisis: the construction of party thinking. The ideological emptying that has afflicted, at times, the formation, as recognized by some of its leaders.

“The liberalism it is not defined by what it repudiates; liberalism is defined by what it stands for ”, he asserted. That has been one of the most applauded phrases of the conference.

Ramírez has called for a “pact of good education in the public space”: “We must fight the cultural battle, but not to oppose one identity fantasy to another. Today more than ever a moderating party is needed ”.

Paraphrasing Yeats, has expressed: “When the center is weakened, the debate is impoverished and debased. The less weight Ciudadanos has, the less there is dialogue and the more it is attacked ”.

“We are not equidistant, sometimes we are closer to the left and others to the right. They attack us from all three extremes. The extreme right, the extreme left and extremist separatism ”, has had an impact.

“I will never be a member of a political party, but I will always go to the call of this convention. The difficulty, he said MontaigneIt is what gives value to virtue ”, he said goodbye.


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