The dance of names and what is coming in the electoral schedule, towards the PASO

The contenders have begun to warm up for this year’s electoral race, in which Tucumán renews its three seats in the National Senate (two by the majority, one by the minority) and four of its nine seats in the Deputies.

Yesterday the deadline for a decisive instance ended: the registration of alliances to participate in the elections before the National Electoral Justice.

With this, the armed forces began to take shape. And, although there were no definitions yet, the parties have nine days to present their lists of candidates who will compete in the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primary (PASO).

Thus, the period is coming when the dance of names intensifies on the political scene.

For now, the ruling party is conditioned by the internal between the governor Juan Manzur and the lieutenant governor Osvaldo Jaldo. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the president of the Legislature will not present a list for “outside” the Front of All (FDT). It remains to be elucidated if the head of the Executive Power finally gives “salible” spaces to his twice running companions, who intends the continuity of the national deputy Gladys medina -wife of the bandeño mayor Dario Monteros– in the National Congress. If Manzur does not give the go-ahead, Jaldismo could be launched in search of conquering that place through the internal. A possible way out of the tensions is due to the role played by the national government in the dispute over the leadership of Peronism in Tucumán.

In Together for Change (JxC), on the other hand, it was made official that the Radical Civic Union (UCR), the PRO, the Party for Social Justice (PJS), the Christian Democracy (DC), Citizen Participation will be part of the agreement. and CREO signed up for the alliance. They are joined by the Civic Coalition and United Republicans.

In this armed opposition, the radicals must define whether they are on a single list or fragmented. One of the main questions revolves around whether the deputy Jose Cano and the senator Silvia Elías de Pérez they reach a list of unity with the mayors Roberto Sanchez (Conception) and Mariano campero (Yerba Buena), who have already announced their intentions to compete with the CREO benchmark, Sebastian Murga.

In addition to the UCR, in Together for Change there will be a payroll from the PJS, led by the municipal chief German Alfaro (San Miguel de Tucumán). In this space, which reached a key agreement with the PRO, they propose to Beatriz Avila as a candidate for senator. It remains to be seen who accompanies the alfarismo in the ballot for the Lower House: if radicals or macristas.

Meanwhile, outside JxC was Republican Force (FR). The legislator Ricardo Bussi he will be a candidate for national senator. Your colleague in the Provincial Chamber, Nadima Pecci, already has experience as a candidate for national positions, so it could be an alternative for Deputies.

On the other hand, yesterday the Frente Amplio de Tucumán was constituted, which will be made up of representatives of the Frente Grande, Libre del Sur and the Socialist Party. In addition, they aim to contain other spaces of social militancy. Among its references are the legislator Federico Masso and the socialist leader Rodolfo Succar.

While the alliance of the Left Front and the Unity Workers, made up of the MST, the PTS, the Partido Obrero and Izquierda Socialista, also confirmed that it will present lists in Tucumán and throughout the country.

What is coming in the electoral calendar towards the PASO

July 19

Communication to the courts -by the political groups- of the integration, regulations, address, days and hours of operation, and website of the party electoral boards.

End of the term to request the assignment of colors for the ballots for the PASO and general elections.

Assignment of colors for national groups and communication to other federal courts.

Assignment of colors for district groups that do not belong to a national group.

July 22

End of term to designate an economic-financial person in charge by political group (before the National Electoral Directorate and communicate to the federal electoral courts).

July 24

Start of the electoral campaign for the PASO.

End of the term for the presentation of lists of candidates before the party electoral boards.

Officialization of pre-candidates by party electoral boards.

Communication to courts -by party boards- of lists of official candidates (for their information to the National Electoral Directorate for allocation of contributions and campaign spaces).

Presentation and officialization of the ballot models by the internal lists before the party electoral boards and before the federal courts.

July 31st

End of the term to assign advertising spaces in audiovisual media by public draw by the DINE.

august 8th

Beginning of the electoral campaign in the audiovisual media for the PASO.

August 13

Appointment of table authorities.

End of the term for the federal courts to decide on the formal approval of the official ballots.

Printing and publication of the definitive registers.

Beginning of the dissemination of institutional messages of civic training and digital education responsible and critical use of electoral information available on the internet.

August 16th

Deadline for calling the general elections.

august 18th

Beginning of the prohibition of public events likely to promote the winning of suffrage.

August 23rd

End of term to correct existing errors or omissions in the registry (only amendment of errors or omissions).

august 28

Dissemination of voting places and tables.

September 2

Destruction of civic documents of deceased citizens.

4th of September

Beginning of the ban on publishing and disseminating pre-election polls and polls.

September, 10th

From 8 o’clock: end of the electoral campaign

Beginning of the electoral ban

September 12

Elections STEP.

From 8 to 21: Prohibition to publish or disseminate polls and projections on the result of the election.

General elections will be held on November 14.

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