José waited having a coffee for María to finish cleaning the school: he shot her dead in the middle of the street

Wait. Come here“. These were the last words he dedicated to him. Joseph a Mariángeles before murdering her. He had decided that his life was going to end. He was waiting for her in a cafeteria with a shotgun.

Nine in the morning. Huelin neighborhood, Malaga. The victim had done the same routine every day. But this time it was going to be the last. His partner was going to end his life when he left his workplace.

Mariángeles was employed at the San Manuel school in the capital. A small religious educational center that belongs to the Daughters of Charity. “She was in charge of making them eat, to clean and be with them, “say sources from the victim’s environment.

At 46, Mariángeles was the mother of two children. The oldest of them, eighteen years old, went to the scene of the crime: “He is a tall and strong guy, we had to calm him down among several because he was very nervous, as is normal.” The events occurred at the door of the school where he worked. In a busy area of ​​Malaga a few meters from the main train station and at one of the port entrances.

“Luckily it was in the summer, at least there were no children in the school,” they talked about the murder at the door of the center. There were, however, school workers who have experienced the tragedy very closely. His teammates have declined to comment for the safety. “pain and dismay“that they felt before the murder.

Street where José killed María.

Mariángeles lived very close to her place of work, in fact, her children are former students of this subsidized center. Hours after the murder, his colleagues issued a statement in which they conveyed their “great sense of importance in the face of something so incomprehensible and unfair.”

From school, they have wanted to convey their closeness to the family of the first fatality in Malaga in more than two years due to gender violence. Likewise, they have highlighted “the firm commitment against all forms of violence.” “We pray for the family, especially for their children“the statement concluded.

First thing in the morning

At 8:50 a.m. the phone was picked up at Emergencies 112 to receive several calls that alerted to the presence of two bodies lying on the public highway. Many of the neighbors of the murdered woman were walking down Fernán Núñez Street in the capital at that time.

For others, the shots acted as an alarm clock: “I heard gunshots and I thought I was dreaming“acknowledges a witness with apparent unease. It was not a dream. It was reality. The end point of Mariángeles life.

While the police cordoned off the area, the victim’s family and friends melted into hugs that became eternal. The helplessness of the inexplicable weighs too heavily, and tears flood her cheeks. Mariángeles was very popular in the neighborhood.

The shops closest to the scene became improvised trenches, where pedestrians took shelter from uncertainty. They did not know what was happening. Before committing the crime, José fired a shot in the air. It was a message. A threat. The next projectile was going to hit the side of Mari Ángeles, piercing several organs.. He died on the spot.

Street where José killed Mariángeles.

Street where José killed Mariángeles.

Dear neighbor

The arrival of the police created a great hubbub around the school gate. The residents of the housing blocks near the center were milling around to browse and ask questions.

What happened?“, asked the neighbors who returned to the area.” They have killed la Mariángeles. They have killed her. ” tragic explanation offered by a man, close to the victim, to those who begin to arrive on Calle Fernán Nuñez. There was no understanding possible.

Mariángeles was a very dear neighbor in the neighborhood. Her work as an employee in the residence of the nuns was known and everyone on the street agreed to highlight her goodness: “She was a girl with a huge heart“, highlight several of its block neighbors.

Much pain, these things are not understood“One of the neighbors commented in conversation with EL ESPAÑOL.” The same thing is always said, but why does he kill her and then commit suicide? Let them do it the other way around! “Sexist violence has incomprehensibly skewed the life of” a special person “for all the neighbors and colleagues.

Calculated crime

Jose had everything coldly calculated to commit the crime. He knew the exact time when Mariángeles was going to leave school so that he would never set foot on it again. He sat in a cafeteria near the center and there he waited until shoot him in the side that would end his life.

After this first roar, the first residents of the area began to appear through the windows. They did not know what was happening. Then José shot himself in the head. “A pool of blood surrounded the body“says a neighbor who saw the sequence from his terrace, located across the street.

José and Mari Ángeles had been living together for two years. According to local sources, the murderer “did very strange things. For example, in recent weeks he was chasing him at night.” They also report that he had communicated to some people around him that his relationship with the one who was his murderer had ended more than a month ago.

The murderer, José, He was a native of Córdoba and he was 55 years old. There were no complaints of assaults, although according to municipal sources confirmed to EL ESPAÑOL, the victim did report his previous partner for crimes of mistreatment. He even served time. In the case of José, some neighbors report, still with shaking hands and cracked voices, that “since Mariángeles met this man, he was another. It got worse“.

Maria, 46 years old, is the twenty-sixth victim of sexist violence in Spain since the beginning of the year. In 2021, they have also been killed, Africa, 56 years old, Consuelo Martínez, 81 years old, Alicia Rodríguez, 36; Katherine, of 58; Rocío Caíz Pozo, 17; Anna and Olivia Gimeno, aged six and one; Katia Carolina AB, 35; Lucia Dotto Domingues, of 42; Alla Bukanocova, of 48; Nicoleta Clara, 41; María Teresa Aladro, 48; Warda, 28, and her son Mohamed, seven; Betty, 52; Pilar, of 50; Maria Soledad M. P., of 60; Paula M., 36; Jordina MP, 34; María Cruz, 48, and her daughter Isabel, 11; María del Carmen MV, 46; Alicia P., 52; Conchi G., 56; Flora P., 82. The series ‘The lives of the victims’ counted 53 women murdered in 2017, 47 in 2018, 55 in 2019 and 43 in 2020.


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