Serkan asks Eda to marry him, but she rejects him: "I will not marry you"

  • A pregnancy has once again become an obstacle for Eda and Serkan now that they have met again

  • What will happen now that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has rejected her long-awaited commitment to the love of her life?

  • Next Wednesday, a new episode, and from Monday to Friday, at 6:15 p.m., on Divinity

Whoever thought that everything would go smoothly after Serkan recovers his memory he has not learned anything from the Turkish series. After a long nightmare in which Ed she had to witness how the love of her life had erased all memory of her, the protagonists of ‘Love is in the air’ They seemed willing to make up for lost time. There were no more excuses to build a future together. However, when it seemed that nothing and no one would get in his way, momentous news has forced Eda to take a step back.

A few hours before showing up at the party where she would celebrate her vital reunion with Serkan, her friend Melek had no choice but to be honest with her. Finding out that Selin might be pregnant with Serkan it was something that couldn’t stay for her. Eda had to be aware of the consequences that this unexpected fatherhood could bring. But his reaction has not been what I expected.

Eda finds out that Selin is pregnant

Filled with anger and sick of Selin still being an obstacle in her relationship with Serkan, Eda has shown up at the house from the Turkish series villain of the year to know by his mouth if this was true or was it just another sham. After seeing how she cheated on her lover by pretending they were still engaged, this pregnancy could be another Machiavellian idea from Selin to try to ruin their lives once again. What he did not expect is that a role would prove him right.

Selin, pregnant with Serkan? The script twist of ‘Love is in the air’

“Is it true? Are you pregnant?” The question has been clear. And Selin has responded with the medical certificate that proves it. What our Eda would never have imagined is that her idea is not to let Serkan know that she is expecting a baby from him. “I am going abroad. I will raise this baby by myself. I take full responsibility.”, has explained. Since he wasn’t able to separate them last time, Eda thinks this is his perfect move. But there is something that is even clearer to him: he will not allow that baby to grow up without his father.

After this tense conversation, being face to face with Serkan has broken his heart. Not being able to tell the character played by Kerem Bürsin in the series the truth has placed him in an impossible position to manage. Hence, when He has decided to kneel, ask her for marriage and swear eternal love, Eda has not been trained to answer him with a ‘yes, I do’. Will he be able to explain to Serkan why he decided to reject him now that his dream had finally been fulfilled? How will he take the news of Selin’s pregnancy? Curves are coming in ‘Love is in the air’.

Eda and Serkan fall in love in Mediaset

With this front just opening, Eda and Serkan’s love story gets even more complicated. If they can’t get Deniz to sign the marriage annulment, the process can be lengthened and complicate the situation of the couple. However, with this possible pregnancy of Selin, Deniz’s whereabouts are already in the background. What will happen to the florist’s childhood friend now that everything has turned upside down?

Serkan locates Deniz with the help of Erdem

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