• Marta, the eldest daughter of Jorge Sanz, is going to make the actor a grandfather this fall

  • The interpreter did not know about her until he was 18, when he decided to recover her after a lifetime absent

Jorge Sanz is going to be a grandfather. When you have weeks to go 51 years, the actor has been in charge of confirming Hello! that he is about to start “the most beautiful stage” of his life. And it will hand in hand with Marta, the eldest of her three children, which in a matter of months will be released in the maternity with the birth of a girl who will name Vega and that she will be the artist’s first granddaughter. The baby that is on the way will be the result of the young woman’s relationship with Manu, her partner, an Asturian rigger.

Still incredulous by the fact that his family, the one he “adores” so much, will grow from this fall, the winner of a Goya for ‘If they tell you that I fell’ has shared with enthusiasm the pregnancy of his “little one” via social networks. “Can you believe it? I can’t be happier right now ? The years go by, the children grow, life improves, and I … I’LL BE A GRANDFATHER! “, He shouted with emotion.

Years go by, children grow, life improves, and I … I’LL BE A GRANDFATHER!

Friends and colleagues such as Maribel Verdú or Juanjo Artero have taken a few minutes to congratulate him on this very important vital milestone that he faces with joy. But this family illusion has taken too long to arrive. We review the complicated father and daughter relationship that finally has a happy ending for both.

An unexpected parenting

Jorge Sanz’s beginnings in fatherhood were not easy. It was 1991, and this 21-year-old hunk seemed to have done it all in Spanish cinema. His filmography already had 20 films, the Academy had recognized him with a big head for facing the best male lead performance of the year and he had just released ‘Lovers’, a tape with which he became a sexual icon by the hand of Victoria Abril and a bed scene that is already the history of our audiovisual.

With the prestige as an actor more than earned, this Madrilenian who was about to play Tito in ‘Verano azul’ was reunited with television with ‘The Horsemen of the Dawn’, a project directed by his teacher Vicente Aranda and who also co-starred with Abril, his eternal partner. It was during the recording of this series when he met Isabel, Marta’s mother, a waitress who worked at the hotel where the team was staying and who, after a short love story, became pregnant.

18 years preparing for the reunion

It was one year later of that fleeting encounter when the faces were seen again. He told her that he was seven months old and that the girl he was waiting for was his. But it disappeared. There are several interviews in which Jorge Sanz has assumed that at that moment he did not know how to react, that fear betrayed him. He tried to keep in touch, he proposed to take a paternity test to settle his future. However, Marta’s mother had already started a new life in which the interpreter had no place.

Quique San Francisco, his ‘brother’, was his great support at this stage

Years later, the artist learned that she had married, that she had settled in Asturias and that her husband had decided to recognize the girl as yours. He understood, but contacted him to warn him of his plans: “You have reacted. She is the love of your life and you have raised a girl who is the most wonderful thing in the world, but she is my daughter. And when I turn 18 I will appear ”.

Jorge Sanz and his daughter Marta, a relationship built in maturity

Marta’s maternal grandmother, with Jorge, established a bond so as not to lose track of the little girl, she was making her a participant in her growth. And a week after surpassing that age of majority that had been marked, he called her. Jorge Sanz spent all that time writing in a notebook what he would say to him when he picked up the phone. And it seems that it worked.

Three months after that first adult contact, Marta decided to go live with her biological father. They have continued that way until a few months ago, when he decided to become independent. Now, both are nail and flesh, as the actor has proudly explained on several occasions. “I love her madly and she loves me madly,” he recently said in a statement to Hello!


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