Vacation in Great Britain: Seagull steals a donut from a man - how he reacts leaves you speechless

Vacation in Great Britain: Seagull steals a donut from a man – how he reacts leaves you speechless

Norderney: Vacation, ferry, beach – everything you need to know for an island vacation

Norderney: Vacation, ferry, beach – everything you need to know for an island vacation

The Norderney is a popular East Frisian island in the North Sea. Every year it attracts numerous tourists and vacationers. In 2019, the island recorded 3.8 million overnight stays. That was over 120,000 more than in the previous year.

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What a brutal act! Quite a few tourists have holiday in Torquay (Great Britain) have to watch a disgusting scene.

A cheeky seagull has a man with him holiday at the sea want to steal the donut. He reacts cruelly – and the good mood on vacation by the sea was promptly gone. The newspaper “The Sun” reports on the incident.

Vacation in the UK: This seagull scene shocks tourists

The video footage shows the previously unknown man by the sea in Torquay. With the donut in hand he was walking by the sea when suddenly a flock of seagulls spotted the delicacy.

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The feathered animal also wanted something sweet and unceremoniously surrounded the owner of the donut. One of the birds dared to get very close – and bitterly regretted it a little later. The donut man reached for the bird that had stuck its beak in its pastry, pressed his hand tightly together and held the bird upside down in this forced position.

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Vacation by the sea: man chokes seagull

He is said to have choked the animal on the neck for more than a minute before it drained from the candy. The donut fell to the ground, the man carelessly tossed the seagull over a wall into the sea.


The habitat of the seagull:

  • The seagulls are a subspecies of the plover-like waders and seagulls
  • They feel at home almost all over the world, the most species-rich they appear in temperate and cold climates
  • The animals live mainly on the coast, but some species also feel at home on inland lakes
  • Some species have now also settled on rubbish dumps, on sewage ponds and in the vicinity of fish processing companies
  • In Great Britain seagulls have been protected since the “Wildlife and Countryside Act” of 1981


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Stunned tourists shrieked in horror as they watched the man’s brutal act. Among them was a mother with her child. She captured the gruesome scene with her smartphone. She told the “Sun” that it took her a while to pull out her cell phone.

Holidays by the sea: unbelievable! So it goes on with the donut

“Nobody reacted. Everyone was just speechless. So I grabbed my cell phone and filmed, ”says the woman, who hopes that the police can use the video material to catch the animal abuser.


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The man was not deterred by this. He then picked up the donut that the pigeon dropped on the ground – and took a bite with relish, reports “The Sun”.

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