The great questions of humanity: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy?… The assassination of the US president on November 22, 1963 in Texas was such a shock that it changed history forever. An assassination in broad daylight and one of those politicians who seemed destined to change things. Although the official theory remains clear and immovable: Kennedy was killed Lee Harvey Oswald. However, the bungling of the investigation, the inconsistencies of the Warren commission that was in charge of it, and many holes made that murder never fully buried.

We still wonder, almost 60 years later, who killed Kennedy. Perhaps the answer was in that gag from The Other Side of the Bed, which speculated that Kennedy was alive and claimed that “Kennedy was killed by Kennedy.” TO Oliver Stone that joke would not make him an iota of humor. He was the one who in 1991 created that masterpiece called JFK in which he showed, from fiction, all the doubts in the case.

That film ended with a few credits in which he explained that all those doubts raised would be impossible to resolve until all the documents on the investigation were declassified. Why so much secrecy with something everyone should know about? We all know Stone’s hypothesis: Kennedy was not killed by Kennedy, but it was the CIA, the FBI and everything in collusion with his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson. They could not bear that he wanted to change things, that he was going to get his hand in the intelligence agencies and that he bet not to impose fear and war as a form of world imposition.

Kennedy and Jackie on the day of the assassination.

Cannes film festival

In 2017, Donald Trump released some of that material, but not all. Something that gave Oliver Stone a chance to return to his obsession. He decided to do it in the form of a documentary that has been presented at Cannes under the name of JFK revisited: through the looking glass, a title that refers to the other side of the mirror from Alice in Wonderland and a phrase that already appeared in his film of ’91. The evidence does not provide any substantial novelty. They don’t change the case. There is no revelation that points directly to Johnson or the CIA, but it does increase the data on the official version written in stone.

Stone puts everything in order. And this time in the form of a documentary. It does so through documents, official material, tests that focus on casting doubt on what was already counted in JFK. First, the magic bullet theory. How is it possible that a single bullet killed Kennedy, changed course, and even hit the Republican Governor of Texas, sitting in front, and hit him in the leg? A bullet that also magically appeared on a hospital gurney and that at first they said was there because it was inside Kennedy’s body and was fired from his body when he did the resuscitation massage. Something so unlikely that it becomes the main question.

The documentary gives voice to forensics who explain how this theory has a negligible probability of being real. It does not give a voice to magufos, but to experts on its subject and people who live obsessed and go to see each document that is released. It is they who also consider, when seeing the tape of Zapruder, The only recorded testimony of the murder, which by the movement of JFK’s head indicates that the bullets came from more than one place.

Oliver Stone vuelve a Kennedy.

Oliver Stone vuelve a Kennedy.

Cannes film festival

Why didn’t all those who said they heard a shot from the hill in front of Oswald show up at the Warren commission? Stone again focuses on the botched autopsy, performed by two military doctors rather than by proven and independent professionals. With a frenetic montage and a frenetic pace, the director raises all the unknowns, now showing documents that change their signature. Testimonials that are modified and photos about the president’s brain that seem prepared. One of the most surprising data is that of the chain of custody of the bullet, fundamental evidence of the trial, and which appears recorded at different times giving a version that seems prepared by the power.

Stone was applauded upon his arrival in Cannes and warned that they have a four-hour version for those who want to dig deeper and that he asked politicians to have “balls” to really investigate, open confidential evidence and clarify what happened. He already knows that he will never be able to prove that it was the CIA that killed Kennedy, but he continues to ask that the whole truth be told because it is important for him to know what happened and, above all, to understand why it happened.

He was also comfortable at the press conference, where he made his point of view clear: “Oswald was not on the sixth floor and was involved with the CIA until 1963. The evidence presented by the Warren Commission, the bullets, the weapons, the fingerprints are fraudulent. There was a plot, with more than one shooter. “


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