A chat with the ‘new’ Sergio Ramos in Paris: "We have a problem as a country"

The footballer from Camas speaks for the first time as a Paris Saint-Germain player with the Spanish press

Sergio Ramos after passing the medical examination with the clubPSG

With 53 minutes late, the video call scheduled by the communication department of the Leave Saint-Germain to put in contact, for the first time, to Sergio Ramos, his new star, with the Spanish press, began. In the main tribune of the Parc des Princes, with its new stadium as the setting, the Sevillian footballer, who is celebrating his first days in Paris, has appeared smiling and with new air. It is as if he wanted to forget the past, ‘reset’, which is said in modern times. With a well-stretched ponytail and the official clothes of his new team, he has preferred to look forward than back, although looking back, at 35, is already inevitable.

And the fact is that his best reflection seemed a little prepared. In a session with 24 media outlets, there was one, Televisin Espaola, which had the first and last shift, while several media were unable to ask. Spanish television closed the turn: “Do you think that in Spain it is unfair with public figures, with players who have been everything? Casillas, from Iniesta, which is in Japan, from you … And Ramos responded quickly, in a well-crafted speech. “We believe it and we all think it. Years go by and we have a problem as a country. I see how the Premier League veterans are honored, I see Bonucci y Chiellini in the selection … We have to rethink certain things, and that whoever succeeds not only in football, also in music or in other fields, can have the recognition he deserves. The admiration we have for outsiders we lack with ours, and I hope this changes. Not only have I suffered, but many other players as well. We have to admire more and envy less“was his last sentence, round like few others.

During the 17 minutes of conversation, the former Real Madrid center-back has been noticed with very little desire to look at the past. It so happens that this Tuesday the news was marked by the publication, in ElConfidencial, of some audios by Florentino Prez (in 2006) where she gave birth, to understand us, to Iker Casillas and a Ral Gonzlez. Sure, the next captain after those two has been him. “To this day, I remain totally on the sidelines, I am escaped from the press, not only from the Spanish. Everything that is Madrid, Florentino … I do not want to comment on anything”he said, in an answer he had hinted at earlier. “Looking back is always a mistake, I am an adventurer and I like challenges, so here I am, in a winning project, which was the goal, where they gave me the love I needed,” he said.

Sergio spends his first days in the French capital. At the moment, he lives in a hotel while they find accommodation in a large house. If you choose the area where the vast majority of your new companions live, you will opt for the Neuilly-sur-Seine neighborhood, a residential oasis in the very center of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. That is what he mainly dedicates the afternoons to, since the mornings are for training. Another of the names that was inevitable in this meeting of Ramos with the Spanish press was that of Mbapp. Madrid awaits him, he does not renew, and so the days go by. Ramos, before, I wanted him in Madrid, but now … “I wish Mbapp was still here. He is a very young player and surely all the great players like him, at some point, must go through Madrid, but I came here to win and I want him to be here, “he said.

Sergio says that he has gone to Paris to contribute his “experience” and his “winning spirit”. That he has learned a lot this last year, because just that, a year ago, he had won the Pandemic League with Madrid, he was going to renew and he planned to exceed the record of international matches with the national team during the European Championship. None of that has happened. “I keep the good and the bad in life. The bad thing is an apprenticeship, it helps you to know who is in the good and who is not. Everything passes and everything arrives. At the end the sun always rises and life goes on, “he said as if in a string of set phrases. Finally, he spoke of his situation in the city. Spanish selection, a place he hopes to return to sooner rather than later, hence his choice of a great European club. “Keep working to return as soon as possible”. Ah! And, of course, “he will never celebrate a goal against Madrid”.

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