Last Monday June 28, Yolanda Diaz had a face-to-face meeting with the president, Pedro Sanchez, in Moncloa. Maria Jesus Montero she says that she has not seen “any minister of the United Nations. We can say that the government is breaking down”, but the message was given in private. In that appointment two nine days ago, as this newspaper has learned, the third vice president conveyed to the president her impression that things are not going well, his complaints about the neglect to which the PSOE submits to United We Can and he warned him that, thus, “the coalition can’t hold out”.

The first day of the week is usually when the main leaders of the Government and the Chief of the Presidency meet, Ivan Redondo, for the meeting of food. In it, the week is communicatively and politically designed, in view of agendas and calendars. When the leaders of the two coalition executive formations were alone, Díaz had the opportunity to review the situation with Sánchez.

United We want negotiate budgets now, but in the Treasury they are not in a hurry and they summon the purple to the summer, according to socialist sources, after closing the spending ceiling “at the end of July.” But the thing is that the purple ones also want to have a voice in this, because they demand that the State can spend “more or less the same” as in 2021, “something impossible” according to the PSOE.

The discrepancies between PSOE and United We Can

Díaz, head of Labor, wants raise the Minimum Wage already in August. And he stayed with the president to negotiate it hand in hand, according to his surroundings. But the second vice president, Nadia Calvin, questions even that it can be addressed even at the beginning of 2022: “We will see how employment evolves in the second half of the year, and depending on the evolution we will decide“.

The purple formation claims apply now the tax reform agreed in the coalition pact and that it was postponed due to the pandemic. According to spokespersons for the confluence, “the job market is in record numbers, the economic recovery is solid and European funds are going to favor large corporations”: And these are reasons for “tax justice to be applied now, as soon as possible “, in the 2022 Budgets.

Moreover, they give an example of the OECD agreement to implement a 15% floor in corporation tax globally. According to United We Can, Spain could be a pioneer and “set an example.” But Calviño does not see it either, and considers it more logical to wait for an agreement at the European level, to avoid leaks of large companies …

RTVE, detonating

Meanwhile, the Housing law remains stagnant, and both no continued, added to the suspicion that the alliance in RTVE of the PSOE counselors with those of the PP and the PNV “It may be a prelude” to other pacts with the popular ones, such as in the CGPJ, let them out, has blown up the minority partners of the Executive.

Things are very tense in the coalition, and in the purple part they consider that “the government is beginning to break down, this time yes“In United We Can understand that the socialist side of the Government has taken advantage of the “new mood” of the heiress of Pablo Iglesias in the Government -the third vice-president- and the interim period until the election of her successor in Podemos -the minister Ione Belarra– to “ignore” them in major decisions, gain political ground for them and change allies in the governance of RTVE.

This has been the trigger for Díaz to decide to convey to Sánchez the seriousness of the situation. But the accumulated tensions come from behind.

Iglesias left the government at the end of March and, since then, Díaz has tried to avoid public confrontations with the socialist partner. In these three months, their training has achieved some victory, such as the Trans law and that of the only yes is yes. But the same purple ones know that both have been more a triumph of the collectives “pushed from the street” – and threatening to boycott the PSOE in Pride – than a product of their insistence.

On the contrary, they have encountered various rudeness and announcements of the president that had not been neither consulted nor even communicated previously to the coalition partner.

Among the first, the isolation of Moncloa’s movements in the ERE of CaixaBank -after, in addition, having learned “by the press” of its merger with Bankia-. Or the most serious, the leak of an imminent government crisis in which the president would be considering reducing ministries to the purple. Díaz warned Sánchez in that meeting that if he intends to touch purple apartments, he will have to renegotiate the entire structure of the ExecutiveThat is what the coalition pact says.

Among the latter, for example, the lowering of the VAT on electricity -podemita flag for years- or the final date on which the pardons -which Iglesias pushed when he was still in the Executive- would go to the Council of Ministers.

Exhaust legislature or “the coalition is already broken”

In addition, Díaz presented his complaints about the “kidnapping of ministries” such as Equality, which has not even been allowed upload your projects to the virtual platform, the internal network of the Government to exchange the legal texts on which it is working.

Of all that accumulated discomfort, Montero said he did not know anything. “Díaz, Belarra, Montero, Garzón, Castells … all are aware that the will is to exhaust the legislature and finish the reform process. If something is missing, it’s time“.


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