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It has taken us by surprise and it will take us a while to recover from the shock. Raffaella Carrá has left us, an unrepeatable and intergenerational icon with an undeniable legacy. The world of television, music and dance are in mourning. And it is that Raffaella was something more than a star or a reference. His songs have animated the parties of three generations, his programs are an absolute example of good entertainment and there is not a single voice that dares to discuss or qualify the importance of his figure.

Mythical songs

Raffaella’s discography leaves a huge handful of topics that are part of the soundtrack of millions of Spaniards and Italians. ‘Rumore, rumore’, ‘To make love well you have to come south’, ‘Explode’, ‘Party’, ‘A woman in the closet’ … It is difficult to say which of his songs is his greatest success because all of them are recorded by fire in the collective songbook, especially associated with happy and festive moments.

His time on television in Spain

The first stage of Spanish fame of Raffaella took place in the 70s, in which he used to go to show programs of the then only television channel to dance and sing his songs. It was in the 90s when she established herself as a true myth when she returned as a presenter. ‘Hello, Raffaella’ marked an era for entertainment television and 20 years later there are many who remember the different sections of the show: the game of ‘if it were’, the hypnosis of Tony Kamo, the so-called millionaire in which you had to answer “hello, Raffaella” or the musical performances starring herself and her spectacular ballet.

The inimitable blow of mane


Raffaella’s visual strength and her ability to penetrate society is evidenced by the effect of his classic head bang. Young, old, left, right, Galician, Catalan or Andalusian … Everyone will make the same gesture when dancing, listen to the bars that follow the mythical “Explode, exploit me … Explo …”.

Revolutionary in its letters and shapes


Raffaella Carrá came to Spain at a time when famous women did not display their bodies or sing hymns of sexual liberation. Raffaella waddled around in sequined minishorts on public television as she sang tunes that were true songs of hedonism. In ‘You have to come to the south’ he told where to find carnal pleasure with the authority of who had had “many experiences”. In ‘Fiesta’ he narrated how well he spent dancing without his partner or in ‘Lucas’ he narrated the testimony of a woman who had discovered that her boyfriend was gay.

Referring to the end


Raffaella left at the age of 78 without knowing the decline. His presence on television was still a guarantee of absolute success: In recent years he worked as a ‘coach’ in ‘La Voz’, presented the Italian version of ‘My house is yours’ or launched new songs. His latest hit, ‘Toy Boy’, claimed with humor that the great American and Italian figures were dating young people.


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