The former governor of Junín Vladimir Cerrón tried on Sunday, again, to uncheck the party Free Peru, of which he is the founder, of the Case Los Dinámicos del Centro. In a message published on his Facebook account, he described the investigation as a “political persecution”, and even affirmed that there was “an investigation for money laundering against him and they were surprised that there is no equity imbalance and that the prosecutor he had requested the dismissal ”.

However, Trade He accessed financial information that reports the deposits of cash of unknown origin that he made in five financial entities and that alert an imbalance in his accounts.

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In January 2013, Cerrón entered US $ 20,000 to the BCP. This money, whose origin is not known according to information from financial entities, he placed in a mutual fund account until March 2015, when he withdrew the amount and the interest generated. These suspicious deposits entered the banking system since 2013, in his first term as regional governor of Junín (2011-2014).

According to the sworn statement he presented to the comptroller, at the beginning of 2013, Cerrón had a monthly income from the State of S / 14,300. It did not record income from private activities and as assets it reported an amount of S / 69,457. In that year, an unusual growth in his patrimony is registered. In the declaration that he presented at the end of 2013, he reported S / 680,400 as assets, ten times more than in the previous one.

In January 2016, Peru Libertario (now Peru Libre) achieved its registration as a party. Months later, in August, Cerrón deposited S / 16,809 in the Banco de Nación. This amount, of which its origin is unknown, entered an account with another S / 546,689. In November of the same year, the former governor withdrew S / 575,460, money whose fate is unknown.

The following year, in October 2017, Cerrón he opened a savings account at BBVA for S / 212,000. Part of that money, S / 170,293, has an unknown origin that he deposited in cash in the same entity previously. In December of the same year, S / 602,800 entered and the origin is not known. That amount was credited to a fixed-term account and then moved to a savings account. The amount represents part of the check for S / 900,000 that Cerrón transferred to Interbank on March 3, 2020.

The Interbank also received money that Cerrón had in the Huancayo Box [ver el gráfico]. The money went to a fixed-term account that he canceled in June 2020. These bank movements were made after winning the elections for a second term in the Junín Regional Government, which began in January 2019.

Cerrón He did not complete his term because the Judiciary sentenced him to four years and eight months in jail for incompatible negotiations. On October 20, 2019, the regional council suspended it. The following day, he was confined to a prison, where he only spent two months after a higher court reduced his sentence and changed it to suspended prison.

Meanwhile, their banking movements did not stop. As in the other entities, Cerrón registers deposits and withdrawals at Interbank, BBVA and Caja Huancayo.

For the criminal lawyer Carlos Caro, there is a “strong indication” for an investigation for money laundering to be initiated in order to know the route of the money. “He is a politically exposed character [PEP]. He has been regional governor on two occasions and, therefore, the money laundering prevention system must be stricter according to the legislation, ”he said.

The criminal expert explained that the PEPs are the officials who have held positions of power in the State. “They are people who should be audited more thoroughly than any citizen because it is risky,” he said.

El Comercio sought the discharges of Cerrón sending you messages and through the PL press coordinator. As of press time, there were no responses.

Boluarte deposited Cerrón

Dina Boluarte, candidate for the vice presidency for Peru Libre, transferred S / 15,709 to Cerrón from a joint account that he owns together with Braulio Grajeda Bellido. It was on December 15, 2020. This caught the attention of the financial authorities, as confirmed by this newspaper.

Grajeda is the current party spokesperson and ran for Congress for the Lima region.

Boluarte, in a statement on his social networks, said yesterday that as secretary of the party’s economy, he opened a bank account because, last November, Cerrón requested the economic collaboration of the militants for the payment of his civil compensation. Given this request, the Regional Executive Committee of PL decided to support “this requirement jointly and severally.”


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