Friday July 3. It’s almost three in the morning in El Andén, a well-known night pub on Riazor beach (A Coruña). There is little left for me to close and Lina and Samuel Luiz, Two friends wanting to party, go out to get some fresh air, finish one last cigarette and make a video call with Vanesa, her girlfriend. They talk and laugh, smoke and show the environment, and turn the mobile to show where they are. They come across a couple. And everything begins.

It is about a boy and a girl in their early twenties, drunk, aggressive, and confused. When looking at the mobile, it is thought that they are being recorded and utters the famous phrase – “Either stop recording or I’ll kill you, fag”, according to Lina. Samuel does not have time except to answer: “Fagot of what”, and receives a punch in the face, and then another, until another young man intervenes in the beating and pushes the attacker away. The stunned victim asks her friend to go back inside for her cell phone, and is left alone.

“At that moment [el del puñetazo] begins to chase Samuel. Several friends of the aggressor appear and they are hitting him for 250 meters until they manage to throw him to the ground. There they begin to kick him, especially in the head ”, reveals a source with knowledge of the facts to EL ESPAÑOL. “The boy tried to get away, cover himself and escape, but never fight The hits”.

A letter from Samuel’s father at the scene.

Around 3.15 in the morning, several groups of onlookers attracted by the noise found the body on Avenida de Buenos Aires, on the Paseo Marítimo. According to the security cameras in the area, Samuel stopped moving after 15 minutes of continuous punches and kicks. The young man, 24, could not survive the beating and died in the hospital in A Coruña that same morning.

All roads open

The alleged assailants had left their ID information in a nearby nightclub where they had been before the event, which has facilitated their identification. As this newspaper has been able to confirm, the investigation focuses on two night rooms near the scene of the events, both on the Paseo Marítimo.

However, the Police assures that “all avenues remain open” to fully clarify the alleged homicide, for which they have continued to take statements from witnesses this Monday without any arrests at the moment. Researchers, however, are not sure that it is a homophobic crime, as has been reported on social networks. For now, the next step is to continue with the witnessing and analyze recordings of the cameras.

Several of the witnesses testified that, moments before the beating began, the main perpetrator jumped on Samuel, thinking that he was recording him with his phone. “Either stop recording or I’ll kill you, fag,” he said, according to one of the girls who was with him that night. The sources consulted, who know the facts first-hand, assure that the victim I did not know of anything your attacker.

Samuel Luiz Muñiz.  the young man killed by a beating in A Coruña.

Samuel Luiz Muñiz. the young man killed by a beating in A Coruña.


From that moment on, he adopted an attitude of enormous aggressiveness, and when he began the persecution against the victim, he was allegedly joined by other acquaintances who also brutally beat the boy to death.

Lina’s account, on the other hand, emphasizes the homophobic nature of the aggression, and emphasizes that the insults to Samuel were continued during the fight. However, according to her police statement, she he was not at the scene at the time of the beating, as he was inside El Andén looking for his friend’s cell phone.

Meanwhile, the first identifications have been made, witness statements have been taken and the recordings continue to be reviewed, as confirmed by the Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones. “The investigation is in its first phase, we speak of only 24 or 48 hours, and statements are being taken from all the witnesses, from there we will know if it is a homophobic crime, “he detailed.

We will have to wait for it to be officially confirmed whether or not the alleged homicide had a homophobic motivation, since the Court of Instruction number eight of A Coruña, on duty this weekend, has decreed secrecy of summary and action.

Reaction against homophobia

The father of the young man, Maxsoud Luiz, has stated that his son was killed by a group of young people because of a “damn” confusion and has asked the parents of the alleged aggressors how they would feel if it had happened to them.

In social networks, people who identify themselves as friends of Samuel have denounced that he has been murdered the victim of a homophobic crime and have promoted the hashtag #JusticiaParaSamuel, in Spanish and Galician, to condemn all LGTBIphobic violence.

While the victim’s friends assure that Samuel’s assailants went after him because of their sexual condition, the Police still raise serious doubts in this regard. In this sense, the father of the young man assures that he did not know the sexual orientation of his son, for which he has asked not to turn him into a symbol or political martyr.

At the level of national politics, reactions have been met: members of the Government such as the ministers of Social Rights, Ione Grass, and Equality, Irene Montero, have not hesitated to refer to Samuel’s crime as a “hate crime”, while the PP spokesman, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has asked “not to make a political and creeping use” of what happened and to wait for the Police to “do their job.”


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