Raffaella Carrà: the inimitable woman who scandalized the Pope with her navel and gave Sinatra pumpkins

She triumphed as a child prodigy of Italian cinema, shocked the Pope by showing her navel, recorded dozens of immortal hits … and still had time to pump up Frank Sinatra. This was the life of an artist in permanent reinvention

Raffaella Carr, made immortal yesterday at 4:45 pm, just when the news of her death fell in all the newsrooms as her frenetic blow of bangs, the gentlemen, the housewives, the girl liked. He gave the same one hundred thousand pesetas of the old ones to the very Italian cry of Hola, Raffaella! who was censured by Paul VI for showing his superlative navel while dancing the Tuca Tuca.

And he still had time to flirt with 20th Century Fox in Hollywood (where he gave Sinatra pumpkins) and reinvent himself, always reinvent himself, in a gay icon -it would be more necessary-, in electronic music, in dancing at weddings and festivals, in the band. sound of all the lives that have been in the world.

Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni (Bologna, June 18, 1943), she was going to be a prodigy in the black and white Italy of the 1950s. At the age of nine, she got her first role in the film Torment of the past, where she drew on that grace that accompanied her until her last interview in Spain; It was eight months ago, when he intervened by phone in Thank you (Telecinco) to chat with Jorge Javier Vzquez about the film Explode, explode, where many of his hits were covered. Because Raffaella, who never had children, leaves a legacy of explosive anthems like cluster bombs.

From her experience in Hollywood, the Italian did not have perhaps the best of memories. The hounds who hired her to make the Americas wanted to replicate the Sofa Loren Y Gina Lollobrigida. But Carr, with a pizpireta beauty and somewhat modest in the things of life, does not comply with the stereotype of a racial and exuberant Italian. She didn’t do drugs, didn’t drink, or hung out with men at bubbling Sunset Boulevard parties.

After a movie made in USA and a chapter in the popular series I Spy, Raffaella decides to return home to her mother, her mother, where he gets his own television show and begins to sew the wickers of a success that has not stopped until yesterday.

Little by little, Carr begins to sharpen an unclassifiable character: sexual icon but at the same time funny, intelligent and a little clumsy, carnal and yet extremely elegant. An explosive, unique, unrepeatable combo, capable of hooking millions of people in front of the television or blowing up the summer in Ibiza with a remix by DJ Bob Sinclair. Well, she never stood out for her unbridled beauty, or for an outstanding voice timbre, or for the hodgepodge of easy-chorus songs with which she achieved worldwide fame.

With Raffaella, perhaps, what happened with another animal in the scene like Lola Flores, to which the following quote is attributed – we do not know if it is real or not – of the New York Times: Neither sings nor dances, but don’t miss it.

Behind her apparent easelessness, she was always an extremely scrupulous and demanding woman with her work.

His landing in our country, hand in hand with two television colossi that are the history of Spain –Hola Raffaella Y En casa with Raffaella-, it was the beginning of an incombustible love story. Spain and Carr, united forever.

To understand the television of the 90s, you have to sit on that sofa where the star The Italian woman babbled in an impossible Spanish with the stars of the moment and, a minute later, reminded us, just in case we weren’t clear, that To make love well, you have to come to the south.

Behind her apparent self-assurance, always entrenched in that kind of clumsy joie de vivre, Raffaella was always an extremely scrupulous and demanding woman with her work. Capable, for example, of forcing someone on the production team to go home and change clothes just because they were wearing yellow, the color of bad luck in the entertainment world.

And that she controlled to the millimeter the image she wanted to project of herself: from her signature cervical explosion to the wiggle of her naked navel, she was always clear that her body was hers, it was free, it was unique. Well of course I’m a feministhe affirmed on occasion, causing more than one headache in Vatican lands.

It was perhaps this indomitable character that conquered the LGTBI public. Gays, always on the hunt for new icons to bring together a bit of will, a pinch of backfire and a bit of freedom, found in an already mature Raffaella another goddess to climb to the altars. And there was no longer Gay Pride in which the Italian did not bust the floats of her ladybugs, who adored her. And they even gave her the World Pride award in 2017, when Madrid was the collective’s world capital, which she received defending love at any time and towards anyone.

Little given to exposing her private life, she was a woman of few but intense passions. In his younger years, he was in a relationship with the Juventus footballer Gino Stacchini and the singer Little Tonny, but his two great loves, cooked over low heat, were the television entrepreneur Gianni Bon Boncompagni and the choreographer and director. Sergio Japino, commissioned yesterday to communicate his death.

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