The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has accused Sánchez of “lie” with pardons to the Catalan independence leaders this Saturday at the closing ceremony of the XV Autonomous Congress of the PP of the Valencian Community, and believes that if they “force” him, there will be a referendum about this theme.

“Nobody believes Pedro Sánchez anymore and, if the independentistas force it, there will be a referendum that will break equality of the Spanish and national unity, but we are not going to allow it, “he warned.

In this sense, the popular leader has responded to the President of the Government, who this Saturday has claimed that “serenity begins to prevail over the interested noise” thanks to the pardons, that the “effects” of the pardons to the Catalan independence leaders is what the “coup plotters” already meet “with the” boss “ Carles Puigdemont in Waterloo.

“Sánchez says that the pardons are beginning to take effect and he is right: in Waterloo the pardoned coup plotters are already meeting with the chief, who says that Spain is an authoritarian country and in exile,” said Casado, who has criticized to the Prime Minister who qualifies pardons as “courage” when “They have only served to pay for his investiture and his budgets”, and not even “have been enough to pay the remainder of the legislature.”

For this reason, “now they are talking about a referendum and that is why Rufián says ‘give me time’ and Iceta responds that there will be time. We Spaniards do not deserve a government that lies to us“, has lamented Casado.

Also, that the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, said that “his head is held high and with more force than ever to defend independence and amnesty“, and the president of Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, will state that”they had defeated Spain and that the weakness of the State was seen. “

A) Yes, you have wondered if bravery is to deceive citizens; breach the ethical code of the PSOE; go against the Supreme Court, against 14 resolutions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Accounts; or go against international law, European criteria and against the Constitution.

“They are very cowardly and for being in Moncloa a few more months they have sold everything they had promised in campaign and what had defined the transition, the harmony and the Constitution, “he lamented.

Pensions, labor reform and electricity prices

In his speech, the leader of the popular also lamented that “the Government cheats us with pensions“and has assured that the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá,” did not tell the truth, that the problem of pensions the baby boomers are going to pay for it, who built the welfare state “.

“It says that pensions are guaranteed with the new agreement and they take out 20,000 million of taxes to pay them, but that is not holding them. It is another deception “, has denounced.

Now -he continued- “they threaten the repeal of the labor reform that created two million jobs in Spain, the opposite of what they say in Europe. We believe that this government that lies and cheats no longer has an agenda for Spain. “

In reference to the reform of the National Security Law being prepared by the Executive, Casado has pointed out that “anyone of legal age may be mobilized in case of a national problem, but we still do not have a pandemic law, we do not know what happens with the sprouts of the Delta variant or with the administrations that want to impose quarantines “.

He has continued with references to the record in the price of electricity or gasoline to point out that “Sánchez is too expensive for us and every time he opens his mouth, the electricity, the gasoline and even the bread go up. It cannot be this, “explained the popular leader, who has also been against the policy of approaching prisoners of AND“.

“We do not agree with Zapatero when he said it was good policy that they will approach prisoners in prisons near the Basque Country. We focus on those who approach these murderers and we do not attend to a person who says they are going to burn him alive for being the son of someone from the PP, “he concluded, referring to the son of the president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, who he was insulted and tried to attack while playing a soccer match.


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