Miguel de Cárdenas Campoy He was stabbed to death in the early morning of Saturday, September 17, 2017. He was 18 years old. That night he had attended the festivities of San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid). During a brawl in the town square, received a stab in the abdomen and he died on the way to the San Sebastián de los Reyes hospital. The search for the culprits then began, which ended this Thursday with the verdict of the popular jury, which has decided to convict six members of the Alcobendas “choir” (group) of the Latin band Dominican Don’t Play and acquit a seventh defendant that he did not belong to the gang and his involvement in the events has not been proven.

The ruling has been advanced by the EFE agency and the sentence will be drawn up in the next few days, when the court will have to decide what penalty to impose on those convicted. At first, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the accused for more than 20 years in prison. “They didn’t kill Miguel by mistake“, said the prosecutor in the initial hearing of the case. However, the confession of the six members of the Latin band has caused him to lower his claims. Fernando Starling, nicknamed ‘Nene’, the leader of the Alcobendas” choir “, reduced the request from 22 to 9 years in prison, while the other five defendants cut them from 20 to 7 and a half years.

Of all of them, the role of two stands out: Sterling gave the order and Panda executed it. In one of the last sessions, Nene took advantage of her turn to speak to ask sorry “for the facts” to the parents, who have attended almost all sessions. Nene was pointed out by several of the witnesses, who have been counted by the dozens in this trial. “He was the alpha male,” one pointed out. Another even went so far as to say that he was presuming to have given the order that ended the life of the 18-year-old.

The Public Ministry granted him the role of “sovereign”, as the leader is called. According to the indictment, he held the responsibility in the band of “production, transport and sale of drugs“He also gave the orders and is consulted by the other members of the DDP about their doubts in this matter.

In addition, the Prosecutor added that he was asked before making “important decisions”, such as buying weapons, hiding them or committing violent acts. His police record also gives him away: since 2011, there are up to ten actions of the body against him, for attacks, threats, usurpation of property or possession of prohibited weapons.

A fight for a touch, the origin of the brawl

The stab that ended Miguel’s life was the latest in a series of events that began one month before that August 17, 2017. According to several witnesses throughout the trial, Bryan – a fugitive in Latin America and also a member of the DDP – had a run-in with Aitor, one of Miguel’s best friends, a month before the murder after “overdoing it” with his girlfriend. . “Then he told me that they were going to go down to town for me,” Aitor told the court. That is why the Latin band would have appeared at the San Agustín festivities asking for Aitor. “They surrounded us“, said Iván, another friend of Miguel’s group.

That night thus began a massive brawl that ended with Miguel deceased. “They put his shirt over him and the group of Dominicans who came to the parties stabbed him; it was clear what they were coming for“, for his part, Adrián, another friend of the victim, has narrated. All of them today celebrate the sentence, which comes four years after the event.


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