The ship “Ángeles Alvariño” abandoned this Wednesday the search for the corpse of little Anna (1 year old) and that of her father and alleged murderer. Thomas Gimeno. This after the judge of the Court of Violence against Women number 2 of Santa Cruz, in Tenerife, Spain, concluded that it is “impossible” to continue with these tasks due to the steepness of the underwater orography.

As reported by the newspaper El Mundo, the engineer who directs the ship determined that the search is “Completely unaffordable”. In this sense, the oceanographic vessel ceased its mission after the authorization of the magistrate.

SIGHT: Spain: investigation indicates that the father of disappeared girls killed them and threw them into the sea

This measure taken by the judge handling the case occurred this Wednesday after receiving a report from the head of operations in which he transferred the complexity of the tracking.

“During the search, the Judicial Police were able to collect and analyze new information, and its result was to discover that in the long drift it stopped the boat after the loss of mobile signal, for a short period of time, its engines returned to work and performed a navigation of about three minutes. The point where the engines stopped again becomes the most likely point where Tomás could have thrown himself into the sea. From this point on, a new search area is designed, centering it on that same point.”, Explain the technicians in their expert opinion.

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The expert opinion, according to the aforementioned medium, adds: “A search area of ​​500 meters is established around it. And the drift line is delimited by establishing a street 500 meters wide, 250 on each side of it, on which to search. The drift begins at the coordinates 28 ° 22.7153 ′ N and 016 ° 12.6818 ′ W and heading 220 °. By using the rov [robot submarino] 176 lines and transits were made, the polygon being delimited between the coordinates 28 ° 22.9026 ′ N 016 ° 13.1761 ′ W and 28 ° 22.2693 ′ N 016 ° 12.4063 ′ W with a total distance traveled of 60.006 meters and an explored area of ​​611.903 m2”, He details.


On June 11, the oceanographic vessel ‘Ángeles Alvariño’ found the body of Olivia (6 years old), sister of Anna, who would also have been killed by Thomas Gimeno.

This body was found at noon by an underwater tracking robot about 1,000 meters deep. It was found in a sports bag tied to an anchor.

Thomas Gimeno

On the other hand, El Mundo also reported on the discovery of some objects found at the bottom of the ocean belonging to Thomas Gimeno.

The authorities indicated that in the search two diving bottles (bottles that provide a very limited supply of air) appeared, and that it could be verified that they belonged to Thomas.

Likewise, it is speculated that the subject used them in his suicide attempt, in order to ensure that he would reach the necessary depth in the ocean to die.

After this discovery, it was concluded that a body weighed down with a diving belt could have reached an undetermined place, leaving this outside the search capacity.

The disappearance and crime

The afternoon of April 27, Thomas She agreed with her ex-partner to spend the afternoon with their two daughters, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. At 5:00 p.m., he showed up at his ex-wife’s house to pick up Anna. Then went for Olivia to a school practice in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. Later, she left the little girl at her parents’ house and the older one for tennis lessons. Then he went to the port to test his boat.

Picked up Olivia at the tennis club and then returned to her parents’ house, where the two girls stayed until 7:26 p.m. From there, he and both girls moved to his farm in the municipality of Igueste de Candelaria, where he arrived at 7:47 p.m. At 19.50 Olivia He sent his mother a voice message in which he told her that his father asked him to go find some paintings at the farm. That message was the last that was known about the whereabouts of the minors.

Between 20 and 21.05, Thomas He sedated his two daughters and suffocated them, according to Spanish media. Then he bagged the bodies and loaded them into his car, a white Audi A3. At 9:05 p.m. he left the house and went back to his parents’, with the bodies in the trunk. There, at 9:13 p.m., he secretly left his dog and some credit cards, with his keys.

She also answered a call from the girls’ mother, who had traveled to the farm to look for the paintings that her eldest daughter had entrusted to her in the voicemail. The woman took the opportunity to tell her ex-partner that it was already after 9 pm and that the girls should return with her. The man replied that they were going to eat something and then he would take them to him.

At 21.27, Thomas He arrived at the pier of the Puerto Deportivo Marina de la Cruz de Tenerife. There he made three trips from the car to the Esquilón boat to carry the bags with the girls’ bodies inside. At 9:51 p.m., the girls’ mother called him and it was at that moment that the man told him that he would never see the girls again, nor would he see him again.

At 22 hours, Thomas He left the port with the girls’ bodies and 50 minutes later, he threw the bags with the bodies into the sea. At 11:15 p.m. he returned to the port, where the Civil Guard agents sanctioned him for breaching the curfew imposed by Covid-19. The man went to his car to show the documents and told them that he was going to sleep on his boat.

As he ran out of battery, he took advantage and charged his cell phone in the car, then, after half an hour after midnight, he returned to his boat, set sail again and did not return to land.

Since he murdered his daughters and threw their bodies into the sea, about three hours passed, during which the man was with the corpses of the little girls.




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