The statements of the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gatell, that the demonstrations of parents of children with cancer are about groups of the international right that seek to spread hatred towards governments not related to their conservative policies and not really parents who genuinely seek drugs, It caused strong controversy due to the ignorance of the majority of these terms. But reallyWhat did the Undersecretary of Health mean? What is the soft shot Gatell is talking about?

Last Sunday, the space led by the cartoonists “El Chamuco Tv “by Channel 22, whose protagonists are the moneros Luis Hernández, as well as “Rapé “and Rafael Barajas,” El Fisgón “ –the recently deceased monero Helguera was also part of this team – he had as a guest Dr. Hugo López-Gatell.

It all started when the official, in the video of a hour and 10 minutes, he used as an example of a “factual narrative”, which would seek to provoke a call “soft coup”, to the protests of alleged parents of children with cancer who accuse lack of medicines.

The foregoing could have origins in the sanctions to which large pharmaceutical companies that use distribution services have been credited, same that they are really the ones who handled everything related to the drug sales service to the government.

Gatell speaks of few 3 or maximum 6 distribution companies that they were a “mafia”, since they controlled from billing, storage, legal representation, through millionaire contracts called “integral services”, that in other six-year terms they had privileges and that they had with the governments a kind of agreement of “you pay me what I want and I give you everything and you will not find out what happens “ , which caused a great corruption in the management of medicines in Mexico and that is being dismantled, affirms Gatell, so the pharmaceutical companies and distributors are upset with the current government.

Gatell assures that in the case of anticancer drugs a single cThe company had monopolized everything since past six-year terms.

Without mentioning it, the Undersecretary of Health hinted that these distribution companies could be using a group of alleged parents of children with cancer to destabilize using a factor as sensitive as terminal illness in a child, since the shortage is not serious and that really there are always about 20 people, the same ones who demonstrate, accuses the federal official.

Gatell accuses distribution companies like Maypo, Grumesa, Grufesa, Masram, Ralca, Nardo, They had former PRI and PAN senators as shareholders, and it clarifies that several of these companies were disqualified due to the corruption found in awards and contracts in past six-year terms.

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