Getting into the car when it has been in the sun for a while can be suffocating in these hot summer months ahead of us, but there is a trick to cool it down quickly, and without having to start it.

Sometimes just by knowing how long the car has spent in the sun, you can predict that its interior temperature will be excessive, or that the steering wheel and seats will burn. In order to avoid heat stroke, each one looks for different options, although they are not always as effective as one would like.

One of the options that exist is to go in, turn on the air conditioning and wait patiently for it to cool.

Others more impatient choose directly to start and move with the windows down, or to combine this with the air conditioning, something not highly recommended. But in other cultures they have different tricks to cool the car quickly.

One of the tricks used in Japan to reduce the temperature of the vehicle extremely quickly is quite simple: roll down one of the front windows and open and close the door of the opposite seat five or more times. Have you tried it? It will surprise you, but it has its explanation.

As they clarify in El Comercio, this quick and effective trick has a scientific basis. Part of the change in pressures inside the car.

By opening and closing the door several times it is possible to quickly drain the hot air and introduce a cooler one that helps to lower the temperature, and the wind chill. This is also accomplished in a matter of seconds.

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This trick manages to reduce the temperature of the car quickly by introducing colder air, although it does not attenuate the heat that the steering wheel has absorbed and that can bother the hands, but against that it is best to use elements of a lifetime, such as the parasols.

In short, remember to try this Japanese trick the next time you get in the car and it is burning. You can do it yourself, it’s free and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds. You are sure to be surprised with the results.

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