“The farewell to customers has been incredible. Some customers have cried,” explains its owner, Jos Luis

Snobissimo’s terraceAngel Navarrete

“The comprehensive reform” of 13 Calle Arapiles, in the Chamber neighborhood, has forced Snobissimo to be moved. After 47 years as a reference of the nights of the city, the disco changes neighborhood. “We are leaving Chamber. We will be in a good location. It’s the only thing I can say. Such is life. ”

José Luis, the owner of the local mythical, answers the phone minutes after handing over the keys to the property. “It is expected that the works will change until the facade. We could not open in a year and a half, which in the end will be two. Impossible. We cannot afford to lose our essence, to the clients, the great goodwill that we have achieved “, he explains.

The transfer will be complete, as if they wanted to make a move of the atmosphere. “The same old team will come to the new venue. I haven’t signed yet. All the waiters will be there. We have it all planned. The important thing is that we will continue. We intend to stay another forty years, “he says.

“Club social”

Last Saturday June 26 was the last night of Snobissimo in Arapiles, 13. Almost none of the customers who packed the basement or danced in the purgatory From the bar on the first floor he was aware of the end of his bar. Snobissimo made it public in a statement. “With us we take the experience of these years and a long list of people who came as clients and are now friends. ”

“It was incredible,” acknowledges Jos Luis. “Some have cried. I have received many WhatsApp messages. They have called me. I have no words to thank the reaction of the customers”, who were attracted to “the deal. We treat people well. It was actually more of a social club than a disco. People came to have a good time and tell about their problems and we have always been there to give them affection “.

Fernando went to Snobissimo for the first time in 1988. “I was 25 years old. At 58 I still go assiduously. Fundamentally, on weekends “, although open from Wednesday to Saturday. Someone told him he should say goodbye this weekend. “They told me it would be the last day. It has always been a very nice place. I used to have a bottle and meet someone I knew every time I went“, Explain.

Since 1974

Snobissimo was one of the few nightclubs in Madrid that reopened in 2020, combining the terrace with the interiors. Inaugurated in “February 74”, according to the website, it adapted its definitive name in 1989. “It has always been regularly maintained”, clarifies Fernando, witness of the renewal of the clientele. “This change has taken place gradually but constantly. People changed and we are also the same. There are people of all kinds. Also during the week.”

His friends “have already gotten married and go out less” but before adult life overwhelmed them, “let’s go every Saturday.” Of the good times, remember how five or six cigars light up at the bottom each night. Then you could smoke in the discos and we were a group that smoked cigars“.

Of the bad, “I prefer to forget.” Some heartbreak? “It is better not to count certain things.”

“It is not the final closure,” insists Fernando. Snobissimo, the jewel in the crown of the most classic atmosphere, will return in September. “We are the oldest of the night. There is no trick: it is important not to believe what you are not, “sums up Jos Luis.

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