Police in NRW: brazen fraudsters want to rip off seniors! Caution should be exercised in these deals

The police in North Rhine-Westphalia are once again warning of the nasty scams that some fraudsters use on the phone or on the doorstep. (Symbol image)

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The reports just never end! Again and again she has Police in NRW confronted with brazen scams – the victims: mostly elderly people, whose insecurity and good faith are shamelessly exploited by the criminals.

Now the warns Police in NRW Again before not responding to dubious offers from strangers who contact you by phone or even ring the doorbell directly at the front door!

Police in North Rhine-Westphalia warn of brazen scams

The Hagen police know the pretexts and excuses of the fraudsters very well. Often the criminals pretend to be employees of reputable companies and sometimes also promise profits. Even the alleged participation in social projects is often used as an excuse to raise money.

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The goal remains the same: the fraudsters want to get you to sign a contract or buy their product. In doing so, they do not shy away from putting pressure on their victims.

After the signature, the right of withdrawal still applies

But if you have been persuaded to sign, you don’t have to bury your head in the sand yet. “It is important to know that you can revoke contracts that you conclude in such door-to-door sales within 14 days in writing without giving a reason and without any further obligations,” explains Chief Detective Thomas Genster from the Hagen Police Department.

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Genster: “This applies to hire purchase and installment delivery contracts, such as newspaper and magazine subscriptions, for contracts for services or work as well as craftsmen’s services.”

Gelsenkirchen police warns of phone fraudsters

On the occasion of a current case, the Gelsenkirchen police are also warning of the dangers posed by telephone fraudsters. A 73-year-old Gelsenkirchen native was called two days in a row by alleged employees of a large software manufacturer. They persuaded him to install a program on his PC that would allow the scammers to access the man’s computer. But when the man from Gelsenkirchen informed his caller that he had already alerted the police, the man on the phone became very aggressive and ended the call.


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An 87-year-old woman from Gelsenkirchen reacted with presence of mind on Tuesday (June 29) when a fake police officer asked about her cash and valuables on the phone. The elderly woman immediately hung up.

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“Do not play a program on your PC or laptop at the request of strangers and do not allow strangers to enter your apartment,” warned the Gelsenkirchen police forcefully. “Especially when it comes to money or unannounced services or tradesmen, often on the phone, you should remain skeptical.” (At)


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