‘Loki’ took a small step back with its third episode. What should have been a great adventure led by both variants ended up standing out more for the revelation about the TVA than for anything else. Luckily, the series of Disney+ has not been long in changing course to return to the heart of everything in the best episode of the series so far.

Watch out for spoilers for the fourth episode of ‘Loki’ from here on

On ‘The event at the nexus’, fourth episode of ‘Loki’, one begins to really investigate the origins of that strange organization that watches over time and that nothing goes out of the way. As Sylvie told us in ‘Lamentis’, things are very different from what it seemed at first glance …

New revelations

The start of the episode mix Sylvie and Ramona’s pasts so that we better understand the current situation of the characters. In its own way, it is still a kind of preview of what happens at the end of the chapter, leaving our lips with honey so that we have the need to see the next one as soon as possible.

However, I am getting ahead of myself, since before there are several more intimate moments on which everything is built, from the meeting between Mobius and Ramona to Loki and Sylvie waiting for what seems an inevitable death.


There will be those who will see in those scenes and what will come next – I think for example of Loki little less than defeated after the multitude of encounters with Lady Sif– an excess of expository charge for making use of dialogues above all to move the story forward, but there are times when this is essential to give something more emotional background and that we are not simply facing a more or less luxurious pastime achieved.

In fact, what has worked best on the show so far, and this fourth episode is no exception, it’s all the scenes they share. Tom Hiddleston y Owen Wilson. There at all times it has been known to balance the tendency of the former to deceive anyone to get his way and the emergence of an unexpected friendship between the two.

The truth about TVA

Loki Sylvie Fourth EpisodeLoki Sylvie Fourth Episode

In ‘The event at the nexus’ we have a new proof of this when Loki finally confesses the truth to Mobius and we see how Wilson’s character ends up reacting after the initial distrust. Hence the moment in which Ramona deletes Mobius has an impact much greater than a mere hit of effect, something Hiddleston underlines beautifully in the moments after without the need to say anything.

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It is also the last key note to establish Ramona as an effective intermediate threat -and it is that someone has to be above it- before everything that had outlined the series until then blows up when it is discovered that the Guardians of Time are nothing more than simple androids.

Loki Mobius Fourth EpisodeLoki Mobius Fourth Episode

‘Loki’ once again falls into a perhaps excessive use of color filters in that sequence – purple at the end of the previous one and here blue – but in this case it fits with that mythical element that seems to be looking for from the outset that ends being the basis for a new deception. After all, appearances were essential to someone in this room, and now the question is to see for whom …

By the way, do not stop watching the episode when the final credits appear, that there is a scene that, beyond the initial surprise, resizes what has been seen until then

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