A couple of days ago, María Pombo nervously received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Happy to face this long-awaited step, something longed for by all since the pandemic came into our lives, the influencer (of course) shared the injection moment via stories. And he only had to wait a few seconds to read the first reviews. Why were you getting vaccinated if at 26 you are still not part of the authorized age range? Is it true that patients with multiple sclerosis, as she herself justified a posteriori, have priority?

His version was clear. “I wrote to my neurologist and, indeed, in the Community of Madrid they are prioritizing this type of disease for vaccination”. That the famous “little message” arrived with her appointment for the injection was something that not even she expected. “I was also hallucinated when they sent it to me on June 9,” he confessed. Especially due to the fact that multiple sclerosis patients do not appear among the high-risk groups, something that does happen with those suffering from cystic fibrosis, some type of solid organ cancer under treatment or primary immunodeficiencies and HIV infection. But there are still exceptions.

After contacting the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, this website has been able to confirm that, In the case of your GP or specialist, decide that it is convenient for you to receive the vaccination ahead of time for suffering from a disease like María Pombo’s, there would be no irregularity. She was given an express authorization after contacting her health center, which are the ones in charge of casuistry like hers. However, doubts remain.

In one of the last posts shared by the instagramer where he refers to the fact that the puncture continues to hurt days after the infection, comments continue to appear about it. “You’ve been vaccinated sooner than you were due. We are not considered at risk to get vaccinated for sclerosis. You keep going public and angering many of us. You should just let it be. We are many with multiple sclerosis that we have had to wait for it to touch us by age group so that they vaccinated to us “, snapped an anonymous follower to him.

After giving the appropriate explanations to his two million followers, the median of the Pombo was higher, and he made it clear that She is not “stupid” to share something as important as this without being sure that she is doing the right thing.. “The people who are saying that they vaccinate me because my last name is Pombo and because I have two million followers, I don’t know if you think I’m stupid or something and, after seven years on social networks, I haven’t learned what to wear and what not. If it had been by plug, do you think I would put it on Instagram? “, he asked the air, thus settling an issue that has once again involved Maria in another controversy.

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