The forward talks to EL MUNDO about his role in the European Championship, vital for Luis Enrique.

Sarabia performs the military salute to celebrate the tie.EFE

“Don’t see what I’m learning about photography,” he jokes Pablo Sarabia (Madrid, 1992) while holding a flash for snapshots to his partner Unai Simn. “Just two more,” asks the photographer. And he, obediently, waits next to one of the goalkeepers of the old stadium Petrovsky. When they give him permission, he approaches the athletics track where he waits THE WORLD. “Is the trip okay?” Asks one of the fashionable names with delicate politeness. Since starting, Spain seems disheveled before the goal. And he, of course, was delighted to have missed the vacation.

What were your plans for this summer?
I would have gone with my friends and later to Mexico with my family, to finish a few days in the south of Spain.
Where would I be right now without Luis Enrique’s call?
In Cdiz with the family, although already training to start the preseason with PSG well.
But he is with the national team and now he is one of the offensive pillars. Since he started, the team seems to be another in attack. Chance?
Well, all of us here are trying our best. I think we have a spectacular group and, as the master says, we can change one piece for another and the team will not suffer.
It all started with his crossbar against Slovakia.
Yes, it is true that it served to change a negative dynamic in the face of the door. Since I hit the ball, I felt that the ball was going very well. When he hit the crossbar, I couldn’t believe it, I hoped he would go in. That shot changed our fortune and I am very happy.
Against Croatia, he scores the tying goal, approaches the corner and celebrates it with a military salute.
It was for my father. He was in the military for a long time and it was a way of remembering him. He was a very football fan, he followed me everywhere and I think he would have been excited. I have him very present and I always feel that he is close. That will never change. It also went to my sister, who is a Civil Guard and was in the stands.
Some have tried to politicize that gesture. It bothers?
In the end they are strategies that they try to do. It was simply a sentimental celebration towards my father and with that I stay. The rest I can’t control. I know exactly who it was for and, too, that he would be proud.
Pablo Sarabia, prepared for rooms.
Pablo Sarabia, prepared for rooms.Pablo GarcaRFEF

After the match, he published a photo of himself with that gesture, the flag of Spain and the word ‘Pride’ on his social networks.
I am not very active on social media. They take them to me and I try not to value when things are going well or when they are going bad. But I am very grateful to be here, to feel Spanish. I think that for all of us who are here it is a pride to be able to represent so many people from your country. Hence the photo.
Surely he did not imagine all this that night at the Bernabu against Auxerre (2011), when Mourinho made him debut. I don’t know if that was a sentence because he didn’t play for Madrid anymore?
Unlike. I was very young. He was only 17 years old. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Imagine what it is like to debut with the club where you have been training and see the goal so close. That something like that happens was incredible.
Are Luis Enrique and Mourinho alike?
[Risas] Well, they have the same character but they are nothing alike in terms of football concepts. Only in personality.
What do you think is the coach’s secret?
He is a coach who reads his opponents very well, knows perfectly the ideal game idea and has a lot of confidence in the way he transmits his method. His great asset is knowing how to express and take the best of each one.
Luis Enrique with Pablo Sarabia.
Luis Enrique with Pablo Sarabia.EFE

His teammate Unai Simn says that these competitions are won by teams, not by teams. And that you are. What do you think?
I was surprised when I arrived because there was a very good group. People get along very well and you can talk to anyone. In a selection it is difficult to form a team because there are many realities. I think we are.
He has known Morata since he was young. How have you experienced everything that has happened to you?
I have seen him calm. He is used to strong media pressure. He relies heavily on his family and friends. That allows you to turn any situation around.
Have you had any such experiences in your career?
Yes, I have experienced situations like this. All footballers live good and bad moments. It’s the good and the bad of football. Soccer gives you revenge but it has a short memory.
How does it take to share a dressing room with Neymar or Mbapp?
At PSG we have a very good group, with many stars of media impact. What I know about them is not at all how it is perceived from the outside. They are very close and normal people.
It was a surprise that Switzerland eliminated France. Have you talked to Mbapp?
I sent him a message to encourage him. In the end, only a penalty is missed by the one who shoots it.

Before saying goodbye, Pablo asks about the result of the interview: “How did it go? Well, let’s see if we’ll see each other in London.”

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