Would you pay $ 4.95 a month for a search engine? Probably many people do not: Google works well and although it collects data, hey, I have nothing to hide.

Still that’s Neeva’s singular bet, a search engine created by former Google engineers that will not show advertising and that it will only collect usage data (for 90 days to improve its suggestions) if you let it.

Privacy by flag

It seems that the search engine segment is encouraged. We recently talked about the efforts of Ahrefs, but the DuckDuckGo proposal is also gaining ground and there are other attempts such as Brave, which has also launched its own search engine.

All of them are now joined by Neeva, a seeker credo por Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, two former senior Google engineers who have more than 25 years of experience in the search giant and now want to offer a different proposition.

At the moment they have the resources to do it: have “raised” 77.5 million dollars to launch this unique search engine, and a third of the 60 people who make up its staff are from Google and among them are Udi Manber (one of the former Google Search executives) and Darin Fisher (who helped create Chrome).

At Neeva they want to go in the radically opposite direction from Google, which is promoting advertising results every time and not stopping to collect data. Neeva search engine will not show ads, and although it collects data and saves it for 90 days to improve its suggestions to each user, we can deactivate that option and avoid suspicions.


In fact in Neeva it is possible to customize the behavior of the search engine and select those platforms, media or stores that we trust the most so that the results are more frequent in those sites than in others.

Not only that: in Neeva they have decided to go a bit in the line of Ahrefs and cede part of their income to content providers. They have already reached an agreement to give 20% of that revenue to Quora and Medium when the results and visits come from those platforms, and the idea is to extend those agreements to other providers.


Neeva will also allow to show and even block tracking scripts that are activated on different web pages, also partially acting as an ad blocker and tracking systems.

There are other features that may be interesting, and if we allow our mail, calendar or documents to be synchronized we can also find results in that data (again, with the promise of privacy) as well as obtain purchase recommendations “from trusted sites and verified customers”, although here it is not clear if there is any type of affiliation agreement with these sources .

The service debuted yesterday and any user can start testing it for free for three months. After that time, the service costs $ 4.95 per month. Now it remains to be seen if Neeva’s idea ends up curdling and raising a popular alternative to the Google search engine.

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