Fruit growers have rushed to pick crops, fearing that the heat could wilt cherries and other fruits. The gatherers have started at dawn and stop for lunch in the unbearable temperatures.

BJ Thurlby, president of Northwest Cherry Growers, told the Seattle Times: “We are traveling in absolutely unknown waters.”

The US Olympic track and field qualification trials had to stop in Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday as the crowd was told to leave the stadium for safety reasons.

Some Covid vaccination centers also closed due to the heat.

Some areas along the coast could cool down a bit later in the week, but Boise, Idaho could see a week of 40 + C temperatures. The National Weather Service said parts of the state could experience “one of the longest and most extreme heat waves in the recorded history of the Inland Northwest.”

The warnings for everyone were to stay hydrated, avoid strenuous activities and keep an eye on vulnerable neighbors.

We cannot say with certainty that this brutal heat storm was caused by emissions from industrial society, but scientists studying the extremes say that every heat wave that occurs today is more likely and more intense due to climate change induced by the man.

In fact, scientists have improved a lot by linking some extreme events to climate change, such as the heat wave that burned Europe in 2019, which researchers say was made 100 times more likely due to CO2.

What is more concerning is that these temperatures have been reached with global temperatures only 1.1 C above pre-industrial times.

The scientific body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, judges that it is likely that we will exceed 1.5 ° C above that level in a short time. And at current rates we will overcome a 2 ° C rise, possibly higher.

However, China and India continue to build new coal-fired power plants. And the G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK and US) will not give a date to remove them.

The UK and others are still drilling to burn more oil and gas, saying it will take until 2050.

It certainly looks like a climate emergency.

(Taken from BBC)

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