Jos Luis Ortiz relates a relationship with the most common commissioner of the “four occasions” admitted by the former general secretary of the PP

Lpez del Hierro, Cospedal’s husband, at the Hearing.EFE

The former Chief of Staff of Mara Dolores de Cospedal, Jos Luis Ortiz, assured the judge this Wednesday that his former boss and the commissioner Jos Manuel Villarejo they met “8 or 10 times.” This figure contrasts with the one provided by the former senior PP official in his statement on Tuesday, when he assured that he had met with the commissioner on “four occasions.”

Likewise, Ortiz has reported in his statement as being investigated before the National Court by the operacin Kitchen that the senior police officer always entered the Genoa headquarters through the garage inside a vehicle that picked him up at the Riofro coffee maker, in the same street. And that, therefore, it did not pass the building controls.

Ortiz has assured that he himself was in charge of picking up the commissioner and that, in any case, he was limited to carrying out orders from the general secretary of the PP. However, he has claimed that he never attended the meetings and that he only exchanged messages with him to set up appointments.

To testify to the National Court, the businessman also attended this Wednesday Ignacio Lopez del Hierro, husband of Mara Dolores de Cospedal. Like the former secretary general of the PP, he too has disassociated himself from the operacin Kitchen before the judge. In his statement as investigated before the Examining Court number 6 He has maintained that he never had knowledge of the police operation to spy on the former treasurer of the PP, Luis Brcenas, and that, therefore, he never exchanged information on this matter with Commissioner Jos Manuel Villarejo.

Lpez del Hierro has been indicted in the case in which the operacin Kitchen after the Shelf 13 new agendas to Villarejo intervened in which there are multiple annotations that refer to the fact that Cospedal’s husband was promptly informed of the monitoring of Brcenas between 2013 and 2015.

This businessman has admitted that he knew Villarejo, to whom he assures that he was introduced by a journalist whom he did not want to identify, and that he has also had contact with other high-ranking police officers involved, such as the commissioner Enrique Garca Castao. The latter claims to have met him at the bar of the Madrid restaurant The fisherman. However, she has also denied having spoken to him about the operacin Kitchen.

Lpez del Hierro has appeared one day after his wife did, who also denied any kind of relationship and knowledge about Kitchen. However, he did acknowledge having held meetings with Villarejo that he called “social”, although he admitted that some of them took place at the headquarters of the PP and to address issues such as the existence of alleged espionage operations against the PP. So he circumscribed his contact with his interest in obtaining information.

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