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Every day it’s up and down: Cologne has been looking at the number of cases and incidence values ​​in the city since the beginning of the corona pandemic in 2020. And finally things are going in the right direction again in the past few weeks! But will it stay that way? Can vaccinations and political decisions push back Corona? In the EXPRESS ticker we keep you up to date – with the latest case numbers, information and incidence values.

The Cologne corona numbers at a glance

Here you can see the corona overview for the city of Cologne according to the Landeszentrum Gesundheit (LZG) NRW:

date Incidence value Total cases Deaths
30.06. 8,5 53.496 721
29.06. 8,6 53.495 721
28.06. 7,6 53.485 721
27.06. 8,3 53.482 721
26.06. 8,7 53.468 721
25.06. 9,4 53.455 721
24.06. 8,5 53.432 720
23.06. 9,1 53.421 719
22.06. 9,8 53.415 718
21.06. 11,5 53.411 717
20.06. 12,5 53.405 717
19.06. 11,6 53.373 717

Update from June 30th: Cologne remains above NRW level in terms of incidence value

  • Hardly any movement: What was one of the main points of criticism for Germany at the European Championship against England is in terms of things Incidence value for Cologne a blessing: on Wednesday the value is included 8.6, exactly 0.1 points higher than on Tuesday.
  • So Cologne remains in the green area, however above NRW level. In terms of the federal state, the incidence value is currently 5.5.
  • According to the Landeszentrum Gesundheit (LZG NRW), Cologne has only been in the past 24 hours a new corona case reported, the total rises to 53,496. No death with a positive corona test became known.

Update from June 29th: Incidence value increases, but remains below 10

  • The Incidence value for Cologne has increased slightly compared to the previous day, but remains stable below 10. According to the State Center for Health in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is 8.6.
  • Compared to the previous day there was no new deaths in connection with the coronavirus,
  • In the meantime, the crisis team has the currently applicable ones Special rules not extended for Cologne. From Tuesday, June 29th, there will no longer be a mask requirement between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. in pedestrian zones. The ban on staying and drinking alcohol at various celebration hotspots has also been lifted.

Update from June 28: Incidence value drops to 7.6, no further deaths

  • Can Cologne even get the 0 in terms of incidence value? According to the Landeszentrum Gesundheit (LZG NRW), the value is again on Monday down slightly, this time to 7.6. Even with the already low values, the trend seems to be going further down.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, 53,485 Cologne residents verifiably infected with Corona. 721 people died, however, there was no new death with a positive corona test in the past 24 hours.

Update from June 27th: Incidence value down again, if only slightly

  • It is slowly going under: After the incidence value on Saturday was 8.7, the State Center for Health (LZG NRW) reported a value of 8.3 on Sunday, June 27th. This means that the important value goes back into the right direction.
  • Also good news: again it is no further death to complain.
  • The vaccination appointments, which were “for everyone” from Saturday, were gone in a flash, as Cologne KV chairman Dr. Jürgen Zastrow EXPRESS told.

Update from June 26th: Incidence value drops again slightly – no further deaths

  • After the incidence value rose again slightly to 9.4 on Friday (June 25th), a positive trend is evident again just in time for the weekend.
  • On Saturday (June 26th) the will decrease Incidence value in Cologne according to the regional health center (LZG NRW) 8,7.
  • From Saturday (June 26), all Cologne residents aged 16 and over can make appointments at the vaccination center. According to KV-Nordrhein, however, there are not many appointments available at the beginning.

Update from June 25th: Incidence increases slightly, another death

  • After four small steps down, that’s it Incidence in Cologne Slightly increased on Friday: The State Center for Health (LZG NRW) is currently reporting one Value of 9.4. The day before it was 8.5.
  • Again is a death reported in Cologne in connection with Corona. The number of deaths since the pandemic began is up 721 gone up.

Update from June 24th: Cologne complains about another death

  • Again it is Incidence Slightly decreased in Cologne: According to the State Center for Health in North Rhine-Westphalia, it was 8.5 on Thursday, June 24th. That is a minus of 0.6 compared to the previous day.
  • Unfortunately, another person died related to Covid-19. The Number of dead in Cologne since the beginning of the pandemic thus rises to 720.
  • Today and tomorrow, Friday, June 25, 2021, another vaccination campaign will take place in a Cologne district, this time in Höhenberg. Location of the mobile vaccination offer is the parking lot at the corner of Frankfurter Straße / Höhenberger Ring. Persons aged 18 and over who are registered at specified addresses (see here) are eligible for vaccination.

Update from June 23: Next small step down

  • The big steps are logically no longer possible, but the small ones also show that the value is currently stable: it will be on Wednesday According to the Landeszentrum Gesundheit (LZG NRW), the incidence value in Cologne is 9.1, the day before it was 9.8.
  • Six new corona cases have been reported, so the number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic is now included 53.421. Also in the past 24 hours is again a new death has been reported. The number of deaths with a positive test rises to 719.

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