Canada registered its highest historical temperature on Tuesday, in the town of Lytton (west), for the third consecutive day, according to its meteorological services, while a deadly heat wave hits the west of the country and the Northwest of the US Pacific.

SIGHT: Canada: at least 134 “sudden deaths” in Vancouver in two days of heat wave

“At 4:20 p.m., the Lytton Weather Station reported 49.5 ° C, once again, breaking all-time and daily temperature records for the third day in a row,” Canada’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change posted on Twitter, announcing a temperature equivalent to 121 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Dozens of people have died suddenly in recent days in the area of Vancouver, deaths that are probably related to the heat wave that hit the west of Canada.

Federal police and police offices in the Vancouver region announced – separately – that at least 134 people have died suddenly since Friday in that region of the Pacific coast, amid a historic heat wave, which also affects the west of USA.

“Vancouver has never seen such heat and unfortunately dozens of people have died”, a Vancouver police spokesman Steve Addison said in a statement.

For their part, the province’s forensic medicine services indicated that they had “registered a significant increase in the number of deaths” since last weekend, in which “extreme heat has played a role”.

Those services received 233 death notices in the province between Friday and Monday, against an average of 130 for the same period in normal times, they said in a statement.

“We believe the heat contributed to most of the deaths,” federal police said in a statement, adding that the majority of the victims are elderly.

“This time can be deadly for vulnerable members of our community, especially the elderly and those with underlying health problems,” said federal police spokesman Mike Kalanj, urging people to “check on their loved ones. and neighbors ”.

A message immediately echoed by the prime minister of the province of British Columbia, John Horgan: “This is the hottest week that the inhabitants of this region have lived,” he said at a press conference.

“And that has consequences, disastrous consequences for families and communities, but, again, the way to overcome this extraordinary moment is to stay together, check (the health status) of the people we know are at risk, make sure that that we have cold compresses in the fridge”He added.

Vancouver, located on the Pacific coast, has been registering temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius for several days, well above the 21 degrees that on average there are at this time.

For the third day in a row, the town of Lytton, northeast of Vancouver, broke this Tuesday the record for the highest temperature recorded in Canada, with 49.5 degrees, according to the meteorological service.



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