Barbara Opsomer has had a hard time this Tuesday, June 29. Her only 1 month old son Gabriel had surgery and had a car accident! We will explain everything to you.

On May 3, Barbara Opsomer gave birth to her first child. A little boy named Gabriel. He came into the world during a very trying childbirth for the former reality TV contestant, discovered in Secret Story. Indeed, she had to give birth by caesarean section. And his son was resuscitated since he had wound up in his umbilical cord and was no longer breathing.

Barbara Opsomer collects trouble

But if today everything is better, the young mother is still worried for her little one. A few weeks ago, Barbara Opsomer confided to her subscribers that her baby Gabriel was going to undergo surgery. Indeed, her son couldn’t lift his tongue. It was therefore necessary to operate in order to cut the frenulum of the tongue. A benign intervention which generally takes place without the slightest hitch.

But hard blow for Barbara, she could not be present and had to remain in the waiting room. A very distressing situation for the young mother who finally preferred to leave the room.

Hearing his little end scream like that was horrible frankly.

A car accident on the day of the operation

And the day Barbara Opsomer took her son to the doctor, she was also in a car accident! Fortunately, her baby was not with her during the accident.

This is what the pretty brunette said about his Instagram account :

Bim bam boom, I decide not to do things by halves I have a fucking car accident with a truck driver. I was also wrong, I took the wrong route, I took the wrong one, and I hit with a truck all my left side smashed, my retro that shatters. Suddenly no more car.

As a result, the young woman no longer has a car, which may be inconvenient for her trips. Later that evening, Barbara Opsomer was somewhat worried about the look that her son’s face took after his operation.

Her upper lip looks like someone put acid on her. Looks like I made him do Botox I swear, so I don’t know if it’s normal or not. It makes it even more cute I swear.

Barbara Opsomer: She has a car accident the day of her son's operation
Barbara Opsomer @Instagram

Fortunately, today is a better day for Barbara and Gabriel!

And you what do you think ?

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