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14 devices you can unplug at night to save money

It is very common that when you go to sleep you turn off the lights, the television and something extra to save on the electricity bill.

However, there are a number of gadgets and devices that you should unplug at night to extend its useful life or even save a good sum of money.

It may be that going one by one is quite cumbersome, so the best in these cases is that you have a thief as a station for several sockets and simply by removing a cable you will have already disconnected a lot of devices at the same time.

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Here you have 14 gadgets and devices that you should unplug at night.

1. The mobile

It is time to start with a classic, but it is also true that many people still do not know it.

Leaving the mobile charging at night, in addition to consuming more energy than it should, can degrade the useful life of your device. Keep in mind that when it reaches 100% it stops charging and when it detects that it falls below the maximum, it resumes charging and this can seriously damage the battery.

It is much better if you only plug it in while you are awake and waiting to remove it when it reaches the maximum.

2. The charger

And together with the previous point, another device that you must disconnect at night is the charger.

It is very common to always leave it plugged in so that it is more comfortable to take the cable and start charging, but if you have it connected to the power, it will suck some energy. Very little, since it is not working completely, but it is something that you will notice in the long term.

3. The television

When you turn off the television, what it actually does is go into standby mode, so it continues to consume power.

The best thing is that you disconnect it completely to avoid a disappointment in the electricity bill.

4. The cable television set

And as you can imagine, another device that you should unplug at night when you go to bed is the cable television device.

Even if you turn it off with the remote, it still transmits a certain signal, so it is much more advisable to unplug it completely.

5. The game consoles

If you have the console off, it consumes very little energy, but if you opt for sleep mode, the cost skyrockets and can give you a scare.

The best thing, too, is that you remove the cable at night and thus you can save yourself a good sum of money.

6. The computer

If it’s a tower computer, don’t leave it in sleep mode. It consumes energy little by little and in the end you will end up noticing it.

Like the rest of the devices on the list, it is better to unplug it from the power, but if you need it to be connected, it is best to turn it off and do not leave it in sleep mode.

If it’s a laptop, just don’t connect it to the power source and turn it off to extend the life of the battery.

7. Small kitchen appliances

It is clear that at night you are not going to use the microwave, the coffee maker or the toaster and it really does not cost anything to remove the plug and do the routine in the morning by reconnecting them to the power.

Although you may not believe it, they have an energy expenditure that gradually increases throughout the month and if you save those hours of sleep with the devices turned off, you will notice it on the electricity bill.

8. The lamps

Just like when you leave a room you turn off the light, you can do exactly the same with the lamps. Also, it is not only a thing that you can disconnect at night to save money, but you can also do it during the day.

If you are not going to be in a room for several hours, it is best to remove the plug.

9. El router

You’re not going to use the internet while you sleep, are you? Well, unplug it.

If you are one of those people who before sleeping use the phone to watch social networks or write the odd WhatsApp, you can always use the mobile data. It is so residual that you will not notice it.

10. The wireless headset charging case

Like the smartphone, anything you have connected to the power at night is going to degrade the useful life of a device, so if you need to recharge your wireless headphones case, wait until you are awake and pending to remove it when it is finished.

11. Air conditioning

During the hot months it is a clear temptation to sleep with the air conditioning, but if you put it on a couple of hours before sleeping and when you go to bed you open the windows, the room will be much cooler and it will take a long time to accumulate heat.

12. An electric blanket

And on the other hand, for the cold months, it is usual to use an electric blanket to sleep warm.

However, the strategy should be the same: connect it a couple of hours before sleeping and that will be enough so that when you get into bed it is warm enough so that you can last all night.

13. A stereo

Whether it is a smart speaker or a stereo, it is clear that at night you will not use it and it will help you save on your electricity bill.

14. The electric toothbrush

To close the list of appliances that you must disconnect at night, the electric toothbrush and its charging base come into play. It is very common that when you finish brushing you put it in the holder to recharge the battery, but the brush has enough life to last you a few days.

Just leave it out of the base and unplug it and only charge it when necessary.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Carlos Ferrer-Bonsoms Cruz.

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