402 km / h is what the electric motorcycle from White Motorcycle Concepts promises to offer. The WMC250EV aims to break all speed records as far as electric motorcycle is concerned. How? Aerodynamic question. They say that with the hole they have created in the central part of the motorcycle they are able to reduce the resistance of the vehicle by 69%. Aerodynamics can be key, not only to improve speed but also to save millions of dollars.

Rob White, the creator behind this electric motorcycle from White Motorcycle Concepts, has been working on sports cars to improve their conditions over the past decades. The accumulated experience has come true with this electric motorcycle, where the ultimate goal is to improve your aerodynamics to be the fastest in the world.

Aerodynamics have been so important to the WMC250EV that everything revolves around it from the moment the bike was created. They say that the motorcycle se designed with the hole in the middle and fitting all the rest of the body of the vehicle to the body of the pilot. It is tailor-made for the rider (Rob White in this case) in such a way that when the rider gets on the motorcycle they are practically one.


Humble specs and focusing on the Venturi effect

The interesting thing about this electric motorcycle are not specifications such as power, battery or autonomy. The interesting thing here is its Venturi tunnel in the middle of the bike itself. However, we are facing a 100 kW (136 hp) motorcycle with a total of four thrusters of 30 kW at the rear and 20 kW at the front. It is a relatively low power motorcycle for what it aspires to achieve in speed.


As to the battery, we are facing one of just 15 kWh. They have not indicated what autonomy it achieves, although in this case that is the least of it. This bike is made to break a speed record in short distance, not to be used as a transport vehicle or long routes. The objective of this battery is to offer the maximum power in the shortest possible time.

Aerotrain, the hybrid between airplane and train that broke speed records half a century ago

The bet of White Motorcycle Concepts as we have said is in the air intake in the middle of the motorcycle. It is an air intake that, unlike others, does not divert the air around the motorcycle’s fairing, but lets it through directly. To achieve this, its creators have had to place the propellants, batteries and other components at the bottom.

Now They seek to break the speed recordFor this, in the coming months they will carry out two certified tests with the aim of exceeding 400 km / h. You are going to have to compete with the Voxan Wattman for this. After that, electric motorcycles will hit the market and for the consumer with the patented Venturi tunnel technology.

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