“Sing my Song” star: Stefanie Heinzmann: That’s why she shaved her bald head

Cologne –

Switzerland’s most successful pop export: Stefanie Heinzmann (32) comes from a tiny village in Valais, won Stefan Raab’s casting competition in 2008 and has been a brightly shining star in the pop sky ever since. She was just a guest at the Vox “exchange concert” and released her new album “Labyrinth”. Many reasons for a long conversation with the EXPRESS.

  • Stefanie Heinzmann was just at “Sing my Song”
  • That’s how much she enjoys her life in Switzerland
  • Why Stefanie Heinzmann likes to be bald

“Sing my song”: Stefanie Heinzmann in an EXPRESS interview

You shaved your bald head – why?
Stefanie Heinzmann: It has to do with my self-confidence. I never found myself beautiful, had problems with my femininity. For me it was characterized by high heels, make-up, long hair. One day I got fed up with it, especially with the importance of hair in a woman’s life. I wanted to know what it is like when I look in the mirror and only see my face. Now I know what it is like – I’ve never felt as feminine as I do now.

Stefanie and reporter Horst Stellmacher in the Hotel Savoy.

How does your environment react to this transformation?
Stefanie Heinzmann: I still hear: “Your beautiful hair! You used to look so feminine, now you look like a boy. ”And then I think: My God, we live in the 21st century, but there are still these drawers. Is me on the biscuit. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair I have. That doesn’t define me. I was born a woman, I feel like a woman.

Let’s talk about your new album. Why is it called “Labyrinth”?
Stefanie Heinzmann: It’s a fitting picture for today. We don’t know where to go, how to get there, where that is. Many roads end in dead ends, we have to go back and decide again whether and where to turn.

Is it a Corona child?
Stefanie Heinzmann: I hate to call it that, but it is one. It would not have come about without Corona, I would have continued with the old album “All We Need Is Love”. But in order to do something at all, I went into the studio and wrote, after all, music is a good outlet. When I heard in October that I could take part in “Sing mein Song”, it was clear that I needed a new album – and then things really started again.

New content

Stefanie Heinzmann when he won the Echo 2009 in Berlin. Back then with long hair.

Were there moments of desperation for you during the pandemic?
Stefanie Heinzmann: Naturally. Even when I sat at home and saw in the calendar where I should have been right now … I seriously asked myself whether my path as an artist was now over. Although, strictly speaking, I have no real reason to despair.

Means what?
Stefanie Heinzmann: My worst case is tolerable: I’m doing relatively well, there is still a lot of good left. I have a roof over my head, something to drink and eat, I breathe. At this time I am one of the privileged in my industry, have a new album, do television, give interviews, and then take part in the Vox exchange concert.

You get the feeling that the Swiss are more relaxed about Corona than the Germans. Which do you like better?
Stefanie Heinzmann: I’m sitting there between the chairs. On the one hand, I want it to continue like this. On the other hand, I’d rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. That’s why I stick to all the rules, which I sometimes push to the limit. But I’m not someone who says it’s all nonsense. The pandemic is here, we have to deal with it.

You are starting the casting format “City, Country. Talent”. Casting shows are under discussion in Germany. As an artist, you yourself are a child of the casting world – is that still okay?
Stefanie Heinzmann: I don’t have a firm opinion on this. But even when I won 13 years ago, I wasn’t sure that it would keep me a singer. A victory like that didn’t mean much back then. But I still claim that as a candidate you learn a lot in a show like this.

What was that about you?
Stefanie Heinzmann: I was only 18, came to Stefan Raab’s studio, had to learn texts under pressure, perform, give interviews and deal with everything. A great experience that no one could take away from me. That would have been important if I hadn’t become a singer.

Stefanie Heinzmann is part of Sing mein Sing.

Today as a self-confident woman who lets her face do its job and doesn’t worry about what others say about her hairstyle.

Sounds good…
Stefanie Heinzmann: Yes. However, I also know that casting shows are usually not about the artist, but about entertainment and the broadcast, and that in the end a product usually comes out that is quickly forgotten.

You are one of the busiest artists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Not afraid that the family will miss out?
Stefanie Heinzmann: No. I’m 32 now, I would like to start a family and I know that I have less and less time. Family is still my goal, but I don’t feel pressured. In the Corona year I noticed how right it was that I didn’t have a child yet. I have seen with friends who have become mothers what an additional burden a small, beloved baby can be.

Where should the family live?
Stefanie Heinzmann: In Switzerland, of course. I’ve lived there my whole life, I really enjoy doing it, I like it a lot in my village in Valais. I am from Valais by heart, my mother tongue is Valais German, I think and curse in the language, and that’s how I pay my compliments.

You get the feeling that everyone is singing German these days. You don’t do that. Why is still English?
Stefanie Heinzmann: Because it feels good and right to me, and because I believe that music conveys beautiful feelings even without understandable words. English is not the greatest secret on earth, most understand it and know what I’m getting at. Of course, I might make a German album one day. But now it’s out of the question for me.

Stefanie Heinzmann: It all started with dialect rock

  • Stefanie Heinzmann, born on March 10, 1989 in Visp-Eyholz, Switzerland, did an apprenticeship at the business school for athletes and artists at the college in Brig.
  • In 2005 she was the singer of the dialect rock band BigFisch and in 2008 she was the winner of the Stefan Raab casting “SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD”. She won a recording deal with Universal Music.
  • She was awarded the Echo, the 1Live-Krone and the Swiss Music Award and performed with Tower of Power, Joss Stone and Lionel Richie.
  • She lives in a steady relationship in her place of birth.

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