At the moment it is an interesting and productive help to write safe and quality code, but in a few years …

Microsoft, through Github, Y openAI, launched today Copilot, an artificial intelligence that helps write code for applications.

Copilot complete lines of code, automatically write repeating blocks, suggest code, and it even offers different alternatives to what you have written.

Right now he is an assistant who gives you a hand to complete what you are writing, but in a few years … surely AI will be able to write complete applications. And that raises a question: Is programming a technical and mechanical task, or is inspiration also involved, and genius?

Fortunately, it has a lot of the latter, with which the emergence of AIs in programming poses a troubling scenario where there is little room for human imagination and inspiration.

Let’s start from the beginning: Copilot is a programming assistant that integrates with Visual Studio Code, as an extension.

Use an artificial intelligence called Codex, developed by openAI. This AI is capable of write code in dozens of programming languages, including the most popular: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Go, etc.

This Microsoft laptop is available in various configurations, with an 11th generation Core i5 or i7 processor, also Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7, as well as variable storage, always of the SSD type.

It has been trained with millions of existing lines, and is capable of read the context of your application, study the variables and functions involved to write custom code for each specific situation.

Copilot it works in real time: while you are writing code it suggests lines and autocompletes. Even can write a complete function, or fill in tables, lists, loops, and other tedious programming tasks.

It also parses the code you write and suggests more efficient alternatives. It is included propose tests and examples to check that what you have written works.

We review the history of programming languages ​​from the first of 1801 to the most recent. Throughout history there have been many programming languages ​​and compilers to ” interpret ” those languages, and these are the most important.

Copilot leaves all the control to you: you can reject their proposals or edit and improve what the AI ​​proposes. But it is quite obvious that this is one more step in their learning. In some years, she will be able to write complete applications on her own.

And that brings us to an interesting dilemma: For an AI to write code, is it beneficial for programming? From an efficiency standpoint, of course, if you complete the tedious and routine work.

But any programmer knows that programming is also an art. Writing an application is not very different from writing a novel: each programmer imposes his own style and sometimes it is necessary to use imagination and inspiration to solve problems.

Can an AI write code with that point of genius that talented and creative programmers have? We will see…

You can download the technical version of Copilot on its official website on Github.

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