Podemos and the separatists discredit the Court of Accounts and ask for government intervention

The pressure is increasingly intense to prevent the leaders of the process from being sentenced to pay more than five million for diverting public money

Mriam Noguerras, spokesperson for Junts, at a press conference in Congress.EFEPOOL

Stopping the Court of Accounts is the priority objective of Catalan separatism. They want to prevent the leaders of the procs they could be sentenced to pay more than five million for diverting public money to propagandize for independence abroad. The pressure is increasingly intense and the warnings, after the request of the supervisory body to 40 high-ranking officials of the Generalitat was known this Tuesday, have become more explicit. The pro-independence parties and En Com Podem – the Catalan brand of Podemos – have reacted from Congress by discrediting the Court of Accounts for being “politicized” and have demanded that the Government intervene to disarm the judicial case.

The Junts spokesperson in Congress, Mriam Nogueras, has demanded the Government to withdraw the State Attorney of this and any other cause that affects the independence movement. And to put more pressure, he has presented an initiative in Congress and the Senate to force a vote on it.

“We urge”, he said, alluding to the words of the ministers Jos Luis Balos and Irene Montero, “to withdraw what they call stones” because the cause that is still alive in the Court of Accounts “is not harmony or reunion or anything that is seem “.

At a press conference in Congress, Nogueras has warned that the Government “has a lot of work” and has asked him to act so that “institutional Franco” disappears. “Facts and not words,” he demanded, stressing that if the Government does not act to confirm “that it is the same as the PP but with a little more makeup.”

For the spokeswoman for Puigdemont’s party, the court case “pursues and promotes the civil death of people who have done their job.” Because, under his prism, the promotion with public funds of all Catalans of independence abroad is protected by the rights of “freedom of expression and ideological freedom.”

In addition, the Junts spokeswoman has attacked the Court of Accounts, which she has discredited as being “politicized” and as being “partial, arbitrary” and as proceeding to squander the “legal guarantees”.

“Ridiculous situations”

Similarly, the PDeCAT spokesperson in Congress, Ferran Bel, has claimed that the State Attorney should withdraw because it is the “first interested” in that “some of these absolutely ridiculous situations can not prosper judicially.”

“The Government knows what it has to do,” Bel said, because in his opinion it has “neither head nor tail” the case of the Court of Auditors.

Bel has urged to renew the Court of Accounts because its mandate ends in July and has warned that the case that affects the leaders of the procs “It cannot continue its process with an expired court, absolutely politicized and with political objectives.

We have joined this pressure from independence through its Catalan brand, En Com Podem. “We believe that any necessary and possible path has to be pushed forward to be able to remove these cases from the judicial system and take them to the political channel,” he said. Aina Vidal at a press conference.

Asked about it, she added that all avenues for “dejudicialization” must be studied and she suggested that if there were a sentence, it should be appealed to the Supreme Court.

Vidal has joined in the discrediting strategy of the Court of Auditors. “It is a deeply politicized body that should have been renewed for a long time and we hope and wish that the PP does not act in the same way that it does with the CGPJ, blocking in this case the necessary renewal,” he said.

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