The NickWatch is the new smartwatch for the smallest of the house and that comes from the hand of Nickelodeon. Its design is intended to emulate being a toy, but underneath that facade is a connected clock.

Smart watches are part of our day to day, these gadgets that are placed on the wrists are here to stay and the vast majority of companies have opted to create their own versions.

In most cases we always see that they are intended for an adult audience, Nickelodeon has decided that this must change and has just presented its first smartwatch for the smallest of the house.

They have named this smartwatch NickWatch and designed it to resemble a toy bracelet, in fact at first glance it doesn’t look like a smart device at all. This design is a success because it will encourage use by the little ones, although as they get older they can change the strap for one without the faces of their favorite cartoon characters.

The NickWatch has features that allow parents of children to communicate with them using the watch.. This communication is two-way, parents can send messages and call while children can respond using the function of converting voice to text or replying with predetermined messages within the watch.

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In addition, the NickWatch has a function that allows parents or legal guardians to know the position of the people who are wearing the watch. This location can be known through the use of a free mobile application that includes the NickWatch and that it is intended to be present on the telephone of the persons in charge of the infants.

The NickWatch proposal is interesting and it is still a curious movement, now we will have to wait until the official day of its launch to know all the details, as well as the price. Well, this is the differential factor about this product, depending on the label it may be more attractive or less.

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