After almost two years without a Marvel movie, phase 4 of its cinematic universe will finally continue with the movie. Eternals, directed by Chloé Zhao. With Black Widow, these will be the first Marvel movies to be released since the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. Here you can find the release date of Eternals from Marvel, its trailer, information about the cast and everything that is known about the film so far.

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Who are the Eternals?

Eternals Marvel reparto trailer

The characters of the Eternals They were created by comic book author Jack Kirby, who began writing stories about them in 1976. The Eternals They are a group of human beings who gained supernatural abilities thanks to experiments carried out by the powerful alien race known as the Celestials.

Besides Eternals, during their experiments the Celestials they also created the Deviants, who can be seen as the evil counterpart of our heroes. Both groups have fought each other throughout their existence, but they never get involved in the affairs of ordinary humans.

All the Eternals They share a series of powers that derive from the energy of the cosmos. These allow them to fly, use telepathy, have superhuman strength, and even control the matter around them. What distinguishes each one is the ability they have to manipulate matter in different ways, so they can be more or less strong.

The Eternals they have lived on Earth isolated from humanity since their inception, for thousands of years. However, in the movie we will see how they finally decide to intervene after the events caused by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. Continue reading: Marvel’s Eternals, Premiere, cast, trailer and everything that is known.

Who makes up the cast?

Eternals Marvel reparto trailer

Eternals It has been much commented on by the public since it was announced, not only for being a Marvel movie but for its spectacular cast. Among him are highly regarded actors such as Angelina Jolie (Interrupted innocence), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones), and even the Mexican Salma Hayek (Frida).

Besides them there are also the talented Gemma Chan (Crazy millionaires), Kumail Nanjiani (That’s why they call it love), Bryan Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Barry Keoghan (The sacrifice of the sacred deer), and Ma Dong-seok (Zombie station).

With a cast of this caliber, it’s no surprise that it’s already considered one of the most epic movies Marvel has made. Kevin Feige, the president of the Marvel movie studio, described her as “An audacious and very ambitious journey of 7 thousand years of human history and its place in the cosmos”.

When asked who can be considered as the protagonist of the story, Feige replied that it must be Sersi, the character of Gemma Chan.

In the comics, Sersi is distinguished by having the ability to transform any object or person into something different. It is also capable of projecting illusions that affect people’s five senses and that are impossible to distinguish from reality. In addition, Sersi is known to have a great appreciation for human beings, and therefore the best relationship with them.

We also know that Jolie will play the relentless warrior Thena, Madden the brilliant strategist Ikaris, Nanjiani will play the swordsman Kingo, Hayek the great leader Ajak, and Dong-Seok the impetuous Gilgamesh. Continue reading: Marvel’s Eternals: Premiere, cast, trailer and everything that is known.

Director Chloé Zhao’s Vision

Eternals Marvel reparto trailer

Another aspect of Eternals that has given a lot to talk about is the fact that it was directed by Chloé Zhao. A few months ago, Zhao became the second woman in history to win the Oscar for Best Director thanks to your movie Nomadland.

The Chinese director’s works are extremely successful in independent cinema, so it will be interesting to see how her unique vision will work in a Marvel blockbuster. Both in Nomadland like in Songs My Brothers Taught Me Y The Rider You can see how Zhao prefers to use natural light and shoot in real locations for his movies, something he struggled to do on the set of Eternals.

Eternals Marvel reparto trailer

Since most Marvel productions are shot with the help of green screens, this represents a huge departure from the norm. In fact, Zhao said that one of his biggest inspirations for Eternals It was Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film: The reborn, for which Emmanuel Lubezki won the Oscar for Best Cinematography thanks, in part, to his use of natural light.

But this was not all, but Zhao also participated in the writing of the film’s script. Not surprisingly, the studio had the confidence in her to do this, as Zhao was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

However, although the director is known for her independent films, she has said herself that she is a huge fan of Marvel movies. Zhao was even meant to direct Black Widow, but due to schedule conflicts, he had to abandon the project. Fortunately, everything aligned so that I could have another opportunity to contribute to this universe with Eternals.

Feige also said that filmmakers like Chloé Zhao are necessary for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Feige, what the studio is looking for are directors whose voices are unique and who have unique stories to tell.

An important step for inclusivity

Eternals Marvel reparto trailer

Something that many fans noticed since the cast of the film was announced, was the great diversity within it. Among the main characters, half of them are women, and also most of them are of different nationalities and races.

Kevin Feige said the decision to change gender, sexuality and ethnicity of some of the characters it was a decision that felt very natural, and of course Chloé Zhao’s vision had a lot to do with it. For example, in the comics the character of Makkari was a man, but in the movie he will be played by the African-American actress Lauren Ridloff (The Walking Dead).

Chloé also spoke about the importance of include older actors in the film, since discrimination based on age is very common within Hollywood. For her, the decision to include the 54-year-old actress was a simple one.

Salma Hayek herself has said that she is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of a project like Eternals, especially for being a Mexican woman and over 50 years old. Additionally, Hayek also said that the diversity within the film doesn’t feel forced. Rather, she thinks they simply chose the people who would best embody the characters in the comics.

Besides this, Eternals It will also make history for being the first Marvel movie in include an openly homosexual partner. Actor Haaz Sleiman revealed that he will play the pair of Phastos, the superhero played by Bryan Tyree Henry, and that they will also have a child together within the film.

Sleiman talked about how important it is to him to be able to represent how beautiful a homo-parental family can be on the big screen. Marvel has been heavily criticized in the past for their underrepresentation of the LGBT + community, so this is a huge step for them.

When can we see it in theaters?

Eternals It was scheduled to premiere in November of last year, but it was delayed. However, the film will finally be able to be enjoyed in theaters on November 5, 2021.

Although there are still a few months to go before its premiere, here is the trailer for Eternals from Marvel so you can get ready to see their cast:

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