Spain has registered a new weekly vaccination record against the coronavirus by administering 3.5 million doses in the last seven days

A worker disinfects one of the areas of the neighborhood confined in Sydney by the coronavirus.EFE

The contagions of coronavirus on trips to Mallorca they already amount to a thousand. Behind the macrobrote of study trips, the Government has approved a new regulation that requires all groups of more than 20 people traveling to the Balearic Islands to have a Negative PCR done 48 hours before arrival or to have the complete schedule of vaccination.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures: 3,792,642 confirmed coronavirus cases with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 80,789 deaths with a positive test as of June 28.

  • 616,896 in Andalusia (10,034 dead)
  • 126,707 in Aragn (3,543 dead)
  • 53,874 in Asturias (1,977 dead)
  • 61,818 in the Balearic Islands (844 dead)
  • 60,587 in the Canary Islands (790 dead)
  • 31,583 in Cantabria (568 dead)
  • 196,363 in Castilla-La Mancha (6,011 dead)
  • 235,344 in Castilla y Len (6,920 dead)
  • 641,306 in Catalonia (14,733 dead)
  • 5,984 in Ceuta (116 dead)
  • 401,132 in the Valencian Community (7,410 dead)
  • 77,280 in Extremadura (1,807 dead)
  • 129,571 in Galicia (2,422 dead)
  • 730,260 in Madrid (15,420 dead)
  • 9,278 in Melilla (97 dead)
  • 114,729 in Murcia (1,606 dead)
  • 63,831 in Navarra (1,184 dead)
  • 204,179 in the Basque Country (4,529 dead)
  • 31,920 in La Rioja (778 dead)

7.00. Combining AstraZeneca with Pfizer is more effective against coronavirus

Inject a vaccine against coronavirus from Pfizer/BioNTech after another of AstraZeneca/Oxford, and spacing the two doses of the latter several months apart substantially improves immunity, according to two studies published by the University of Oxford.

The researchers showed that, far from reducing the effectiveness of the vaccine, an interval of up to 45 weeks between the two doses AstraZeneca / Oxford’s necessary requirements enhance the immune response to the virus.

“This should be reassuring news for countries with fewer vaccine supplies, which may be concerned about delays in obtaining second doses,” said Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, which developed the vaccine with the group. Anglo-Swedish pharmacist AstraZeneca.

“There is an excellent response to the second dose even 10 months after receiving the first,” he stressed.

Another study from the same university published in February by the prestigious scientific journal in The Lancet already indicated that the effectiveness of vaccine it was greater with a three-month interval between doses (81%) than with a six-week interval (55%).

06.59. American scientists create a mask that can detect coronavirus infection in 90 minutes

A new prototype mask, equipped with portable biosensors, can diagnose in 90 minutes if the person wearing it has Covid-19, according to a study that publishes Natute Biotechnology in which it is also stated that it would be possible to adapt the technology for other pathogens and toxins

Engineers of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Harvard University have designed this mask, which incorporates tiny disposable sensors that can be attached to other face masks.

The sensors are based on a lyophilized cellular machinery that the research team had developed for use in diagnosing viruses such as bolus and Zika.

The mask includes a small water reservoir that is released by pressing a button when the user is ready to test, hydrating the lyophilized components of the sensor. SARS-CoV-2, which analyze the drops of breath accumulated inside the mask.

The results, which are available in 90 minutes, are only displayed inside the mask, to respect privacy.

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