The Marvel Cinematic Universe He has ruled Hollywood with an iron fist for years. He already started hitting hard with ‘Iron Man’ in 2008, but it was four years later when he finished settling down thanks to ‘The Avengers’. Since then it has had no rival when it comes to conquering the public, but the truth is that we have been two years without a new adventure on the big screen and I cannot say that I have missed it much.

It is true that this 2021 up to three original Marvel series have been launched on Disney + to remind us that the MCU was still there, waiting for the perfect moment to regain its dominance, this July 9 being the date chosen for the arrival of ‘Black Widow’ in theaters and streaming simultaneously. Delayed on multiple occasions because of the coronavirus pandemic, I confess that I was not exactly dying to see it, but at the moment of truth I found a solvent hobby well led by Scarlett Johansson, although who really shines this time is Florence Pugh.

A well mixed cocktail

It was long ago clear to me that Marvel came to fill the void by the decline of the hero figure of action, but the fact that its protagonists had powers changed everything. ‘Black Widow’ was the golden opportunity for the MCU to flirt more openly with it, something that is explicitly alluded to as saying that superheroes sure don’t have to take human meds after a match.

In addition, the fact of recovering the Soviet threat, something explored to exhaustion at the time by action cinema, also takes us in that direction, something that also fits the fact that the protagonist is a renegade who has to be taken justice by his hand. That does not mean ‘Black Widow’ is a film along the lines of those that Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger could star in, but there is something about it that feels like a progression of that, as happened at the time with the Bourne saga. Be careful, don’t expect anything remotely revolutionary, but yes that contributes his to the set.

Black Widow Movie SceneBlack Widow Movie Scene

One of the main differences of ‘Black Widow’ with respect to the Marvel series on Disney + is the amount and scale of the action scenes. The film made by Cate Shortland knows what the public expects of her in that sense, which undoubtedly helps the participation of Darrin Prescott as second unit director. Known in Hollywood for his participation in the ‘John Wick’ saga, here the show is more sought than promoting more physical violence, but the result is very satisfactory, without there ever being scenes in which digital retouching is more noticeable from account.

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To this aspect of action must also be added several ingredients of the spy cinema -there do not expect them to take great care, but that prologue exploring the past of the protagonists works quite well-, multiple references to the MCU but without posing a burden and, above all, the story of an impossible family. Beyond the threat that the protagonist has to face, where ‘Black Widow’ really shines is when it comes to addressing the protagonist’s past with the false family she had when she was on the Soviet side.

A satisfying balance

Viuda Negra David HarbourViuda Negra David Harbour

There the script signed by Eric Pearson knows how to find the balance between the comic and the emotional. Often funny, mostly thanks to the character of David Harbour, ‘Black Widow’ triumphs influencing how those years together marked the four of them in one way or another, especially in everything related to a splendid Pugh who I am already looking forward to seeing again in the role of Yelena.

And it is true that ‘Black Widow’ feels like a farewell film for the character that Johansson has been playing since his first participation in the MCU in 2010, but his contribution to this universe is more due to the arrival of new characters called to have more presence in the future. In this way, the film goes beyond being an efficient but to a certain extent inconsequential adventure, since surely Marvel should have dedicated a movie to the character several years ago, to give it a closer touch that helps one easily immerse oneself in what it proposes.

Viuda Negra Scarlett JohanssonViuda Negra Scarlett Johansson

There, Shortland’s work works especially well when it comes to finding the suitable tone so that ‘Black Widow’ knows how to fit that more human aspect with a notable presence of humor and constant action scenes. All of this could have easily thrown a movie that surely many are thinking of more as necessary filler within the MCU than anything else. Shortland makes that preconceived idea lose weight in the viewer’s head so that one focuses on enjoying.

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To this end, it is essential how well chosen its protagonist quartet is, making clear the similarities between the characters of Pugh and Johansson through the action and with the subsequent appearances of Harbor and Rachel Weisz serving to animate the function, preventing the rhythm from getting bogged down in the incessant search for the great villain of the function. There it is fair to recognize that the character embodied by Ray Winstone it feels somewhat disappointing – and also what surrounds it – since perhaps partly due to its more human nature it never becomes that great climax, something that the film solves by raising the bar even more when it comes to action. In addition, everything that he had been sowing before in the relationships between the characters helps him not overload as much as in other Marvel films in which he could disconnect right at the climaxes.

In short

Black Widow PosterBlack Widow Poster

A movie about Black Widow may not make as much sense now as it did a few years ago, but that doesn’t make it a very satisfying hobby that knows how. mix correctly the ingredients that it handles for the viewer to have a good time. In addition, the actors who accompany Johansson at the head of the cast are quite inspired, especially a Florence Pugh called to be an important character in the future of the MCU.

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