A woman who underwent surgery on Thursday at the Güemes Sanatorium in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo denounced that she was raped while under the effects of anesthesia, and with her there are three victims of sexual violence identified in that healthcare center since August from last year.

Due to the fact of the past week, an orderly was arrested whose name did not appear, in the framework of the case for “doubly aggravated sexual abuse” investigated by the Criminal and Correctional Court No. 19 in charge of Diego Slopski.

“For about a year I have been receiving complaints from women of different ages and characteristics who do not know each other, but all report certain irregularities with the anesthetist and that when they regain consciousness after a surgical intervention, they find vaginal and anal lesions , bruises and terrible pain, “Raquel Hermida Leyenda, lawyer for the three victims, told Télam.

In the last episode, the attack was more evident since the victim woke up bloody by a tear in her genital area and had to receive specific medical attention for those injuries.

Since she is still convalescing from a surgery on one of her legs, the woman remains hospitalized in the sanatorium with the custody of the Federal Police and today she was scheduled to ratify her complaint.

“What is striking about the case is that the abuser not only seeks unconsciousness of the victims (to subdue them) but also seeks to harm them, and since the abuses occur after the interventions, the risk is greater and the result of the surgery, “added the lawyer who will become the plaintiff in the case.

On the other hand, the criminal lawyer assured that this same woman was presumably also abused in a previous surgical intervention that she underwent in the same sanatorium, in November of last year.

“She went through three interventions as a result of an accident and now she realizes that the second intervention came out in the same way (with injuries),” said Hermida.

The lawyer explained that it is presumed that the abuses would be committed “by a person with great physical force or by two people”, given the weight of the bodies in a situation of unconsciousness and “in a place located next to the operating room” where those who recover come out of surgery.

As for the victims, their profiles “are very different” in terms of physical build, social status and appearance; and their ages range between 27 and 45 years.

Regarding the two previous causes, Hermida explained that the investigation is stalled because the video recordings recorded during the operation were “adulterated”.

“I believe that nobody speaks because there is a fear of losing the job and that demands from a person of power controlling that nobody reports. If the person in charge were only an orderly, he would have jumped before,” said the professional.

On the other hand, she complained about the lack of containment to the victim that the sanatorium is offering, to the point that “she needed a special medication for the genital injury, and they gave her a prescription so that she could buy it herself, being that she could not leave because she was hospitalized and alone “.

In dialogue with Télam, spokesmen for the Güemes Sanatorium assured that the entity is collaborating with the Justice.

“Both in the previous cases and in this one, the sanatorium has been made available to justice and has provided all the requested materials, such as medical records and videos of the surgeries,” they said.

As for the detained orderly, they explained that he was immediately “disengaged” from the care center while expressing doubts about the relationship between the three violations.

“In the two previous cases, the alleged abuser was an anesthetist who was in the surgeries sharing the operating room with four female professionals and none of them corroborated the statements of the complainants,” they said.

The investigation of the first case, meanwhile, fell in the hands of the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 23, in charge of Marcelo Retes, and the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 47 in charge of Mónica Berdión de Crudo. In the second case, this information could not be obtained.

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